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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 28.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Severo give Palinor to Fra Murta?
(a) To keep Fra Murta from killing a woman.
(b) To advance his standing in the church.
(c) To show Beneditx what could happen to him.
(d) He's angry about Beneditx.

2. Why is Dolca afraid?
(a) She does not usually read in front of anyone.
(b) She is afraid she will get in trouble for writing Palinor's wife.
(c) She is a virgin.
(d) She is not afraid.

3. Why is Jaime worried?
(a) He lied to a priest.
(b) He is afraid the wild child will not be baptized.
(c) He is not baptized.
(d) His sheep are still missing.

4. With what chores is Amara helping the nuns?
(a) Nothing yet.
(b) She can sweep the floor; that's about it.
(c) She can knead bread, feed the farm animals, and card wool, sew and cook.
(d) She kneads bread, feeds the farm animals, and cards wool.

5. What does Palinor have at home?
(a) A grandson.
(b) A palace.
(c) Several children though his wife is dead.
(d) A wife and son.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Jamie go to search for Amara's mother?

2. What do the nuns decide the best approach is to helping Amara?

3. What does Jamie find out about abandoned babies?

4. What does Amara say when asked about her twin?

5. What does Joffre ask Palinor?

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