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Grandinsula - This is the island where the novel is set. It is somewhat like Mallorca, a Spanish island.

Sant Clara - This is the remote convent where Amara is taken to be taught to talk and act like a human.

Aclar - This is Palinor's home country, an island where people are free to choose their own religion and speak their minds.

Cuidad - This is the capital of Grandinsula.

Saracen's House - This is Severo's childhood home where Beneditx and Palinor stay while they debate the existence of God.

Galilea - This is a monastery known for its great library. It also is the home of Beneditx, its most well known scholar.

St. Jeronimo - This is where Jaime is from and where a priest refuses to baptize Amara.

The Mountains Above St. Jerome - The nevados make and store blocks of ice here which...

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