Knowledge of Angels Character Descriptions

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Severo - He is the Prince and Cardinal of Grandinsula, both the religious and secular leader of the island.

Palinor - He is an engineer, architect, and the King of Aclar, a country more like a modern-day Western nation than a fifteenth-century country.

Beneditx - He is the leading religious scholar of Grandinsula who lives a cloistered life in Galilea.

Amara - She is born to a slut who had retreated high into the mountains for her shameful birth.

Josefa - The daughter of Taddeo and stepdaughter of Margalida who finds life unbearable in Taddeo's home.

Jaime - He is a gentle man who becomes one of Amara's only true friends.

Fra Murta - He is an Inquisitor, who comes to Grandinsula to deal with Palinor.

Joffre and Dolca - They are an orphaned brother and sister who say they do not want to be separated and...

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