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1. In what ways does Mikage cope with the loss of her grandmother?

Three days after her grandmother's funeral, Mikage does not cry for her loss. She finds peace by sleeping in the kitchen and feels extremely lonely. Even after she moves in with the Tanabe family, Mikage doesn't recover from the loss.

2. What role does the kitchen play in Mikage's life before she moves in with the Tanabe family?

Before Mikage moves in with the Tanabe family, she has a close relationship with her kitchen. The hum of the refrigerator helps her feel less lonely. The kitchen is Mikage's favorite place to be in the world.

3. How does Mikage know Yuichi before they become housemates?

Mikage does not know Yuichi very well initially. All she really knows about him is that he works at the flower shop and he helps her grandmother carry her purchases home. He helps with the funeral arrangements for Mikage's grandmother as well.

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