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Objective: Part One, Kitchen Mikage spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and finds comfort in them. In the first line of the novel, for example, Mikage states that her favorite place in the world is in the kitchen. This lesson explores the ways in which kitchens play a large role in Part One.

1. Class Discussion: Determine the role of each kitchen that Mikage encounters. Discuss the importance of each kitchen and what they symbolize for Mikage. For example, the kitchen at Yuichi's house is symbolic of Mikage's future in the house, and the next stage in her life. Mikage finds solace in the kitchen and finds that spending time in the Tanabe kitchen brings her to peace. What other kitchens are significant?

2. Group Activity: Create a storyboard in which the pictures represent different kitchens in Mikage's life. Each kitchen may be used more than once...

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