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Part 1, Kitchen

• Mikage's grandmother dies and Yuichi asks her to move in, since he knows her grandmother.

• Eriko is Yuichi's transsexual mother also lives with Yuichi.

• Mikage cooks for Yuichi and Eriko and falls in love with their kitchen.

• Mikage meets with her ex-boyfriend, Sotaro, who tells her that Yuichi's girlfriend slaps him for moving in with Mikage.

• Mikage clears out her old apartment and moves in completely.

• Mikage breaks down and cries when she sees a grandmother and grandchild on a bus together. She finds solace in the sounds of a busy kitchen she hears from an alley.

• Yuichi and Mikage share the same dream in which they are cleaning the kitchen and drink tea together

Part 2, Full Moon

• Eriko is killed and Yuichi calls Mikage several months later to tell her about it and has her spend the night.

• Okuno, a girl who is in love...

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