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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. "Because I'm no good at that sort of thing, and if they catch me I'll wind up telling them everything." is a statement made by _________.
(a) Marta
(b) Molina
(c) Valentin
(d) Luis the new cellmate

2. "...she can't move, there in the deepest part of the jungle she's trapped in a _______________, or no, the _____________ is growing out of her own body..."
(a) Spider's web, spiderweb
(b) Book, paper
(c) Net, fish
(d) Hole, tree

3. What time is is when Molina gets back to the cell?
(a) 5:00
(b) 6:00
(c) 2:00
(d) 7:00

4. Who does the new husband's father ask for a blessing?
(a) The witch doctor
(b) The old maid
(c) The natives
(d) The zombie wife

5. What is the woman wearing when she meets the reporter in the hospital?
(a) Blue
(b) Purple
(c) Black
(d) White

Short Answer Questions

1. "You stole away ___________, that I held in my heart, for you?"

2. What is Molina's true last name, according to the report at the beginning of the chapter?

3. What is Molina's apparent aunt's name?

4. To whom does Valentin want to write although he thinks it might be wrong to do so?

5. Both of the men agree they feel __________.

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