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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Molina say he has to put on to boil because they take a year?
(a) Potatoes
(b) Soups
(c) Eggs
(d) Old coffee remnants

2. What kind of job does the reporter get when he realizes he cannot get any other job?
(a) Mafia runner
(b) Security guard
(c) Police officer
(d) Laborer at a saw mill

3. What does Molina want to suggest to Valentin to help get him to open up?
(a) That Molina is being moved
(b) That Molina is going to solitary confinement
(c) That he is being watched
(d) The Valentin is being moved

4. What does Molina use to make a sandwich?
(a) Ham
(b) Cheese
(c) Sausage
(d) Turkey

5. "...she can't move, there in the deepest part of the jungle she's trapped in a _______________, or no, the _____________ is growing out of her own body..."
(a) Spider's web, spiderweb
(b) Hole, tree
(c) Net, fish
(d) Book, paper

Short Answer Questions

1. "I'll also tell you that the ________ is closing her eyes because she's sleepy..."

2. Molina says, "I swear I never saw you _________ before."

3. Both of the men agree they feel __________.

4. What is the qualification that Freud applies to the infantile libido, as noted in the footnote?

5. Why does the girl not hear the screams of the old housekeeper?

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