The Kiss of the Spider Woman Fun Activities

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Create a Movie Story to Tell

Have students each create a 5-minute presentation of a movie they have watched, telling the story, but not revealing the character names in order to allow the other students to guess the identity of the movie.

Finding Out More About Spiders

Have students each choose one type of spider to research and present their findings to the class.

Watch the Movie/Play

Have students watch the movie/play "The Kiss of the Spider Woman" to see what reactions they have to the way the book relates to a visual production.

Interrogation Tactics

Now that the students know why Molina was put into the cell with Valentin, have students research other possible interrogation tactics that might have been used to extract information from Valentin.

Recreate the Zoo Movie Story

Have students create a mini-script and put on a play of this story for...

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