Kissing Doorknobs Short Essay - Answer Key

Terry Spencer Hesser
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1. How does Tara describe the phrase that began her problems in Chapter 1?

Tara Sullivan starts to hear the catch phrase, "Step on a crack, break your mother's back", all the time. At school, at dinner, during homework. She describes herself as someone who was normal until it started, but now she cannot get it to stop.

2. What exchange does Tara describe with Mrs. Scott in Chapter 1? What causes Tara's humiliation?

She counts things compulsively, and when a girl named Emily interrupts her, she is mean to her. Tara's neighbor, Mrs. Scott, sees her fleeing from her friend, and calls to her and she doesn't hear, so Mrs. Scott comes over and grabs her. Tara sees Kevin and Richard, her classmates, watching her get reprimanded by her neighbor, and they laugh at her.

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