Kissing Doorknobs Character Descriptions

Terry Spencer Hesser
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Tara Sullivan

This is the main character of the book who is diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Greta Sullivan

This is the protagonist's younger sister and she takes a protective role.


This character has an increasingly difficult time with the protagonist's quirks, and ends up shaking her violently at the town carnival to try to get her to stop praying compulsively.


This character cannot tell what he did to deserve the protagonist's compulsive behavior, and ends up stalking out of Christmas dinner rather than be subject to her obsessive demands.


This black friend of the protagonist has a no-nonsense personality and talks straight to her friend.


This friend of the protagonist is concerned with her weight and when she shows up on the cover of magazines, the protagonist is worried about the sacrifices she is making in her health.


This friend of the protagonist...

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