Kissing Doorknobs Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Terry Spencer Hesser
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Chapters 1-2

• In Chapter 1, Tara Sullivan starts to hear the catch phrase, "Step on a crack, break your mother's back", all the time.

• At school, at dinner, during homework. She describes herself as someone who was normal until it started, but now she cannot get it to stop.

• Tara sees Kevin and Richard, her classmates, watching her get reprimanded by her neighbor, and they laugh at her.
• In Chapter 2, Tara Sullivan wakes up from a nightmare in which a monster has come from a block away to menace the neighborhood.

• Tara is about to be killed when she wakes up, but when she goes to her parents - who do not like her sleeping in their bed - her mother's kindness only fuels her fears.

• Tara's eczema follows her worries, manifesting on her skin in red itchy patches.
• Tara says that she spent a lot of time with...

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