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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Naomi see when she gets into the living room with the other girls?

2. Why does Casanova believe Rudolph was so unstable in California?

3. What does the smell of bacon remind Rudolph of?

4. What decision do Cross and Kate come to about their relationship?

5. What happens when Naomi tries to call out to Kristen?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Rudolph go after Kate?

2. What does Cross find in the newspaper accounts of the Tierney/Hutchinson murders that makes him think he has information about Casanova?

3. What does the Gentleman Caller feel inside himself as he watches Juliette's husband leave for work?

4. What are the basic points of the investigation according to Cross at this point in the novel?

5. What do Cross and Kate do and what impresses Cross that Kate has done for the occasion?

6. Describe the character who is accused of being the killer, Sachs.

7. What does Cross see as he examines Rudolph's apartment?

8. When Cross and Kate go to the Outer Banks for a summer trip, what decisions do they come to in regards to their relationship?

9. What happens after Kate knocks Ruskin to the ground?

10. What does Craig tell Cross after they have uncovered the twenty-third victim in the mass grave?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Within the plot of murder, there is a subplot of a mini romance between Cross and Kate. Do you believe this was a believable sub context? Why or why not? Do you think this should have been increased within the novel?

Essay Topic 2

What events cause Cross and Sampson to be stopped by the local police? How do they react to this situation? In what way do the events of this even with the local police prove Cross and Sampson to be similar to Casanova and Rudolph?

Essay Topic 3

Evaluate the method of the killers to plant the strategic photo of Dr. Sachs within Rudolph's secret room. Why was Cross the only one to consider that this was odd?

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