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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Cross describe what Sachs is doing with the FBI?
(a) Cat and mouse game.
(b) Unaware they are around.
(c) Trying to confuse them with misinformation.
(d) Leading them to false clues.

2. What does Nana Mama tell Cross that he needs?
(a) A good wife and mother for his children.
(b) A new partner to work with.
(c) A new job.
(d) A new place to live that is safer.

3. What happens when Naomi tries to call out to Kristen?
(a) She hears a gunshot.
(b) Rudolph gags her.
(c) No words come out of her mouth.
(d) She hears Casanova approach.

4. Why is Kate upset with Cross?
(a) Because he didn't save the girl.
(b) Because he was seriously injured.
(c) Because he would not stay in the hospital.
(d) Because Rudolph escaped.

5. What does the smell of bacon remind Rudolph of?
(a) His childhood.
(b) His wife.
(c) His first victim.
(d) His last victim.

Short Answer Questions

1. What decision do Cross and Kate come to about their relationship?

2. Which of the following terms describes how Sachs is known around the college campus?

3. How many women does Casanova now have in his harem?

4. What happens that causes Cross and the FBI agents to run toward the cabin?

5. What mystery can't Cross and Kate seem to unravel?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Cross learn about Sachs and how does he learn this information?

2. What wakes Naomi up and what does she think this indicates?

3. How does Cross describe what he saw with he sneaked up and observed Rudolph in the cabin and what does Rudolph do when he comes out of the cabin?

4. What is Kate's condition and how does Cross describe his relationship to Kate to his friend Sampson?

5. How does Cross describe the two killers?

6. Describe Kate's recovery at this point in the novel.

7. How does Cross know that he has found the Jason Snyder farm and what can he see of the farm?

8. What does Sampson ask Cross about Kate and what is Cross's response?

9. What brazen act does Casanova do in Chapter 102 which allows him to marvel at his perfect mask that allows him to fit in anywhere?

10. Describe the character who is accused of being the killer, Sachs.

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