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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why don't Kate and Cross have sex when Cross spends the night with Kate?
(a) They do not want to ruin their friendship.
(b) The FBI is watching.
(c) Kate is still emotionally traumatized.
(d) Cross is still injured.

2. Where does Cross follow Sikes?
(a) To an abandoned factory.
(b) To the lair.
(c) To the hospital.
(d) To a sports bar.

3. What news does Craig track down Cross to share?
(a) They have found Naomi.
(b) Gentleman Caller killed the reporter.
(c) They have located another girl from the house.
(d) They found the disappearing house.

4. What does the Gentleman Caller shop for on Melrose Avenue?
(a) Clothes for his victim to wear.
(b) Disguises for himself.
(c) Weapons.
(d) Another woman.

5. What mystery can't Cross and Kate seem to unravel?
(a) The disappearing house.
(b) Where Casanova got the masks.
(c) Which woods she escaped from.
(d) Why Casanova chose Kate.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Naomi feel like she is losing?

2. What does Kate believe might be the reason the Gentleman Caller has not been caught?

3. What does Cross believe led to the downfall of Rudolph and Casanova?

4. What alerts Juliette to the fact that the Gentleman Caller is in her house?

5. Why won't Kate go to a hotel as Cross suggests?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Cross finds Naomi what does she tell him and what does he realize about himself?

2. What does Craig tell Cross after they have uncovered the twenty-third victim in the mass grave?

3. What brazen act does Casanova do in Chapter 102 which allows him to marvel at his perfect mask that allows him to fit in anywhere?

4. When Cross and Kate go to the Outer Banks for a summer trip, what decisions do they come to in regards to their relationship?

5. Why does Rudolph go after Kate?

6. Describe the character who is accused of being the killer, Sachs.

7. What does Cross see as he examines Rudolph's apartment?

8. How does Kate handle the situation when Casanova comes back for her in her own house?

9. What does the Gentleman Caller feel inside himself as he watches Juliette's husband leave for work?

10. What does Sampson ask Cross about Kate and what is Cross's response?

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