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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens that causes Cross and the FBI agents to run toward the cabin?
(a) Kate runs toward the cabin first.
(b) They see the Gentleman Caller strangling the girl.
(c) They hear a gun shot.
(d) They hear the woman scream.

2. What does Kate believe might be the reason the Gentleman Caller has not been caught?
(a) Because he is a doctor.
(b) Because he is handsome.
(c) Because he is smarter than the police.
(d) Because the women pick him.

3. What frustrates Kate?
(a) That she is left out of parts of the investigation.
(b) Being close to Sachs and not being able to catch or beat him.
(c) That Cross will not move in with her.
(d) That she does not know if the other girls are safe.

4. Why does Cross think the site of the old Jason Snyder farm would make the perfect hiding place for Casanova's lair?
(a) It has several trapdoors.
(b) The cellar had 2 levels and was very large.
(c) It is near the river where Kate was found.
(d) It is hidden within thick woods.

5. What does the FBI use microphones to overhear Dr. Rudolph say after the blonde and her girlfriend drive away?
(a) He wishes she had been alone and not with a friend.
(b) He will kill her tonight.
(c) He can't wait to have them for his own.
(d) He wants to chop them up and feed them to seagulls.

6. Why do the investigators use pickaxes to dig up the meadow near the killer's lair?
(a) There are bodies buried in the meadow.
(b) They need to find other entrances to the lair.
(c) They need to unearth the rest of the rooms.
(d) They are still looking for other women.

7. How does Naomi acknowledge that she understands and agrees with Kristen?
(a) She whispers her name.
(b) She uses sign language as a form of communication.
(c) She nods.
(d) She brushes the back of her hand with hers.

8. What does Sampson tell Cross when he comes to the back door at the end of the novel?
(a) Kate is dead.
(b) More girls are missing.
(c) There has been another murder.
(d) He has been shot.

9. What does Casanova say is the reason that Cross and Sampson did not bring the FBI with them to find the lair?
(a) Policeman's intelligence.
(b) Policeman's stupidity.
(c) Policeman's arrogance.
(d) Policeman's trust issues.

10. What do they find in Rudolph's secret compartment?
(a) His diary with all of the details of his crimes.
(b) Refrigerator with body parts from his victims.
(c) A picture of Rudolph with each victim.
(d) Nothing.

11. What do the Durham police find in Sachs's house?
(a) Physical evidence of the crime.
(b) Body parts from the other women.
(c) Pictures of Kate.
(d) Erotic literature and pictures.

12. What does Cross wonder about the two bi-coastal serial killers?
(a) If they communicate on a regular basis.
(b) If they are competing with each other.
(c) If they tell each other all of their intimate details.
(d) If they know each other.

13. What profession does the FBI suspect the Gentleman Caller has?
(a) Doctor.
(b) Dentist.
(c) Reporter.
(d) Professor.

14. What does Kate do to help her sleep?
(a) She goes to a hotel.
(b) She calls Cross.
(c) She puts a weapon under her pillow.
(d) She drinks a glass of wine.

15. What news does Craig track down Cross to share?
(a) They have found Naomi.
(b) They found the disappearing house.
(c) Gentleman Caller killed the reporter.
(d) They have located another girl from the house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the following is not an accurate description of the Gentleman Caller?

2. What happens when Naomi tries to call out to Kristen?

3. Which of the following characters is Casanova?

4. Why is Kate upset with Cross?

5. What does Cross think about to help him hold on to the Range Rover?

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