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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Casanova believe is Cross' weak point?
(a) Naomi.
(b) Sampson.
(c) His psychological training.
(d) Kate.

2. How many women does Casanova now have in his harem?
(a) 2.
(b) 5.
(c) 10.
(d) 7.

3. Who does Cross pick up at the airport to help with the investigation?
(a) Freed.
(b) Kate.
(c) Craig.
(d) Sampson.

4. What does Sampson tell Cross when he comes to the back door at the end of the novel?
(a) There has been another murder.
(b) More girls are missing.
(c) Kate is dead.
(d) He has been shot.

5. How does Cross describe Kate to Sampson?
(a) Tough.
(b) Resilient.
(c) Surprising.
(d) Resigned.

6. What dangerous game are Cross and the agents playing?
(a) Hoping to catch him in the act.
(b) Refusing to share information with the LAPD.
(c) Waiting and not protecting the blonde.
(d) Using a stakeout which he might recognize.

7. Why does Rudolph tell Casanova that he is the one who should be there with Kate?
(a) Because he know what to do for her.
(b) Because it is his turn with this girl.
(c) Because he has no connection to her.
(d) Because she got away from Casanova.

8. Which of the girls does Rudolph choose?
(a) Christa.
(b) Kate.
(c) Anna.
(d) Naomi.

9. How does Casanova feel since Sachs has been arrested?
(a) Worried.
(b) At peace.
(c) Surprised.
(d) Happy.

10. Who is Sachs waiting for near the bulletin board full of notices?
(a) His wife.
(b) The FBI.
(c) Another professor.
(d) A new victim.

11. Why don't Kate and Cross have sex when Cross spends the night with Kate?
(a) Cross is still injured.
(b) Kate is still emotionally traumatized.
(c) They do not want to ruin their friendship.
(d) The FBI is watching.

12. Who does Casanova blame for what happened in the living room?
(a) He blamed the Gentleman Caller.
(b) He blamed Anna herself.
(c) He blamed all of the girls.
(d) He blamed Kate.

13. How does Casanova feel without Rudolph?
(a) Lonely.
(b) Relieved.
(c) Irritated.
(d) Angry.

14. Which of the following is true about Casanova according to Cross?
(a) He is very bright and very careful.
(b) He is the split personality of Rudolph.
(c) He is continually playing mind games with Rudolph.
(d) He is not Sachs.

15. What does Cross wonder about the two bi-coastal serial killers?
(a) If they know each other.
(b) If they communicate on a regular basis.
(c) If they tell each other all of their intimate details.
(d) If they are competing with each other.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Cross think about to help him hold on to the Range Rover?

2. What mystery can't Cross and Kate seem to unravel?

3. Why does Cross think the site of the old Jason Snyder farm would make the perfect hiding place for Casanova's lair?

4. Why does Agent Craig call Cross?

5. What does Casanova think he and Rudolph should do next?

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