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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Casanova insist on when he has sex with Kate?
(a) She not pass out and keep her eyes open.
(b) She participate willingly.
(c) She make sounds indicating she is enjoying it.
(d) She not touch him at all.

2. How old was Naomi?
(a) 22 years.
(b) 28 years.
(c) 16 years.
(d) 18 years.

3. What is Casanova holding when all of the women meet him in the living room?
(a) A stun gun and a pistol.
(b) A black snake and a cup of milk.
(c) A cello and violin.
(d) A wicker basket and a mask.

4. What relationship did Naomi and Dean Lowell have?
(a) Advisor/advisee.
(b) None.
(c) Friends.
(d) Teacher/student.

5. Why does Cross believe he is a part of the investigation?
(a) To provide a personal insight.
(b) To keep an eye on him so he doesn't go off on his own.
(c) To be a liaison between the FBI and local authorities.
(d) To look where others are not looking.

6. What does Cross indicate to Sampson he will not consider at all?
(a) The possibility that he will not solve the case.
(b) The possibility that he will be totally shut out of the investigation.
(c) The possibility that Naomi is dead.
(d) The possibility that Casanova will come after him.

7. What theory does Lieberman share with Cross about the Gentleman Caller and Casanova?
(a) She thinks they are the same person.
(b) She thinks they might be talking to each other.
(c) She believes Casanova has killed the Gentleman Caller.
(d) She believes the Gentleman Caller has followed Casanova.

8. How does Casanova appear as he is chasing Kate?
(a) He is wearing his mask with torn clothes.
(b) He is not wearing his mask and has a rifle with him.
(c) He is no longer wearing his mask and has a syringe.
(d) He is still wearing his mask and holding a stun gun.

9. What does the Casanova killer do just before he kills his victims?
(a) Kisses them.
(b) Makes love to them.
(c) Reads them poetry.
(d) Sings to them.

10. What kind of mask does Casanova describe himself as having?
(a) Mask of surprise.
(b) Mask of sanity.
(c) Mask of shame.
(d) Mask of hope.

11. How do Ruskin and Cross describe Kate's survival and escape?
(a) A surprise.
(b) A breakthrough.
(c) A miracle.
(d) A hopeful step.

12. What was slipped under Cross' door while he was sleeping?
(a) 1900s postcard.
(b) Painting by Edvard Munch.
(c) Picture of Naomi.
(d) FBI case file.

13. How does Cross refer to serial killers?
(a) Hearbreakers.
(b) Suppressed people.
(c) Idiots.
(d) Monsters.

14. How is Casanova unlike other mass killers?
(a) He does not believe in rules.
(b) The police cannot find him.
(c) He does not stick to one type of victim.
(d) He feels sorrow and remorse.

15. How many suspects are under surveillance by the FBI in regards to Casanova?
(a) 11.
(b) 15.
(c) 0.
(d) 5.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of prey does Casanova look for?

2. What does Kate find inside the closet when she looks?

3. Who comes out and blocks Casanova's view of his latest conquest as she leaves?

4. What name does Casanova have for his forbidden game?

5. Which of the following is not an accurate description of Dean Lowell?

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