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Casanova's Hideaway - This is an underground lair that was formerly used to house runaway slaves searching for freedom on the Underground Railroad.

Casanova's Masks - These are indicative of one of the serial killer's emotions and moods.

Gentleman Caller's Cabin - This is a standard vacation home in paradise, located several hours away from this serial killer's home in Los Angeles.

The woods - These are located outside of Durham and are home to the serial killer's lair.

Chapel Hill - This is a quaint college town bordering the University of North Carolina.

Pornography - This is used by one of the serial killers to frame another person for the murders.

Stun Gun - This is used by one of the serial killers to incapacitate his victims.

Exotic clothing from the Far East - These are purchased by one of the serial killers.

Los Angeles -...

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