Kiss the Girls Character Descriptions

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Detective Alex Cross

This character has a Ph.D. in Psychology and is something of a serial killer profiler specialist.


This character is always searching for the perfect woman and relishes power.

Dr. Kate McTiernan

This character has an independent spirit and is a dedicated karate expert.

Detective Nick Ruskin

This character is a trained police officer, as well as one of the serial killers.

The Gentleman Caller

This character is a brutal killer and a noted Los Angeles plastic surgeon.

Naomi Cross

This character is a hard working and intelligent scholar, as well as a fine musician.

John Sampson

This character enlisted in the Army before becoming a detective.

Dr. Wick Sachs

This character is the perfect fall guy for one of the serial killers, but lacks the serial killer's actual physical strength.

Agent Kyle Craig

This character attended law school at North Carolina around the...

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