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Prologue—Perfect Crimes—Casanova | Prologue—Perfect Crimes—The Gentleman Caller | Chapter 1-2

• A young killer starts murdering in June of 1975 by crawling through the walls and crawl spaces of the houses of girls he has studied. He covers their mouths and kisses them before he kills them calling himself Casanova.

• In 1981, a similar killer who also targets beautiful women kills women for what seems more as sport than out of love. This killer is known as The Caller rather than Casanova.

• Dr. Cross, a police detective specializing in psychological profiling, is at home with his children when he is interrupted by a woman pounding on the door and calling for him.

• She tells him that 11-year-old Marcus Daniels has been stabbed down the street.

• Dr. Cross scoops Marcus up and takes his unconscious body with cuts to his neck and both wrists to the emergency room.

Chapter 3 | Chapter 4-5 | Chapter 6

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