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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Katie see in a trash can at the hatchery that she hides from Sammy?
(a) Blood.
(b) Dead chicks.
(c) Needles.
(d) Broken eggs.

2. What is Lynn too tired to do the day after Katie's birthday?
(a) Use the restroom.
(b) Dress.
(c) Bathe.
(d) Eat.

3. What does the helpful man get for Katie while she is waiting for her parents in the hospital?
(a) Crayons.
(b) Candy.
(c) A bear.
(d) Stickers.

4. How much money is spent on food for the picnic?
(a) $3.
(b) $4.
(c) $2.
(d) $1.

5. Why is Katie unable to sleep very well when Lynn's condition worsens?
(a) She is worried Lynn will die without saying goodbye.
(b) She has to help Lynn whenever she needs something.
(c) Her head hurts too much.
(d) Lynn moans in her sleep.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who builds the box for Lynn's altar?

2. When does Katie go camping with Katsu after Lynn gets sick?

3. Who gives the eulogy for Lynn?

4. What does Katie steal from a store for Lynn?

5. What do Katie and Sammy do for the workers at the hatchery?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Katie realize while she washes dishes after Lynn's body is taken away?

2. How do Sammy and Lynn look as Hank drives them to the hospital?

3. What does Katie write in her essay about Lynn?

4. What color is the house Lynn picks out, and why does she choose this house?

5. How does Sammy get hurt while on the picnic?

6. What does Katie see when she goes into Lynn's room just after she dies?

7. What does Aunt Fumi say when Katie asks why Katsu is not a land surveyor anymore?

8. What happens when Uncle Katsu gets the truck stuck on a cliff?

9. What does Katie do on her eleventh birthday?

10. What does Katie do for her mother just after Lynn dies?

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