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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What embarrasses Katie when she gets to Katsu's house?
(a) Her shirt is dirty.
(b) She can't speak Japanese.
(c) She wet her pants.
(d) Her hair is short.

2. What does the little girl in the parking lot of the plant do in the plant?
(a) Cleans bathrooms.
(b) Counts chickens.
(c) Laundry.
(d) Washes windows.

3. What does Katie light on fire when she goes camping with Lynn and her best friend?
(a) Lynn's clothes.
(b) Amanda's hair.
(c) A dead tree.
(d) A sleeping bag.

4. What is the first big city they stop in on their drive to Georgia?
(a) Baton Rouge.
(b) St. Louis.
(c) Indianapolis.
(d) New Orleans.

5. Where does Katsu practice his chess moves?
(a) The bed.
(b) The cab of the truck.
(c) The bathroom.
(d) The hotel lobby.

Short Answer Questions

1. What game does Lynn's father teach her?

2. What does Katsu do when he loses the last chess match against Lynn?

3. What is wrong with the kitchen in the new apartment in Georgia?

4. How long does it take for Lynn to win a game of chess against Katsu?

5. What petty wish does Katie wish for one night?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where does Lynn say she wants to live when she gets older?

2. What is Katie's dream romance when she is at camp?

3. What is the job of the man that Katie sees in the parking lot of her mother's plant?

4. What is Father's job at the hatchery?

5. What does kira-kira mean, and why is it so important to Katie?

6. What does the woman at the hotel say when Father tries to rent a room?

7. What does Lynn hope to do to make money when she is older?

8. What does Katie do that makes her parents angry with her, and how does she respond?

9. What does Lynn dream about while she is sick?

10. How do the nurses act when Mother has another baby?

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