Kira-Kira Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does kira-kira mean, and why is it so important to Katie?

Katie remembers learning the meaning of the Japanese word, kira-kira, "glittering." She remembers her sister repeating it over and over, encouraging her to use it to describe the objects around her.

2. What happens when a dog attacks Katie and Lynn when they are young?

While lying in the street one night, a dog grabs Katie by her pant leg. Her leg is saved from receiving a vicious bite only when Lynn pulls the dog's tail and yells for her to run. The dog then attacks Lynn. Thinking fast, Katie runs into the house and grabs a bottle of milk to throw at the dog. She misses, but the bottle breaks and spills milk across the road. This attracts the dog and saves Lynn.

3. What does Lynn hope to do to make money when she is older?

Lynn promises that when she grows up she will use her genius to make lots of money and buy a big house for the four of them to live in.

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