Kira-Kira Character Descriptions

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Katherine (Katie) Natsuko Takeshima

This character is a five-year-old girl who looks at the world through the eyes of one who believes nothing bad could ever befall her as long as her big sister is at her side.

Lynn Akiko Takeshima

This character is a self-proclaimed genius, a master of chess and a prolific journal writer. She spends her every waking morning with her sister, teaching her how the world works.

Father Takeshima

This character is a tall, lanky man born in the United States but educated in Japan. He is always lost in his own little world, especially when there is a big decision to make.

Mother Takeshima

This character is a petite woman who desperately wants a house she can call her own. She works hard, often staying at the poultry processing plant until she can barely move her wrists.

Samson (Sammy) Ichiro Takeshima

This character...

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