King's Cage Short Essay - Answer Key

Victoria Aveyard
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1. Who is the main protagonist of King’s Cage? What is their family background?

Mare Barrow is the main protagonist. She came from a poor Red family in the Stilts, but it was discovered during Queenstrial that she had powers like a Silver would.

2. Why does Evangeline tell Maven to release Mare? Why does Maven not release Mare?

Evangeline tells Maven to let her release Mare and states that she (Evangeline) wants to kill her. Maven says that death is too good for Mare.

3. There are two main narrators for most of King’s Cage, Mare and Cameron. Are they reliable narrators?

No, Mare and Cameron are not reliable narrators because their narration is limited by their experiences and emotions. They also are not told all the information they need to make good choices.

4. Why does Evangeline bring Mare to face Maven's court during the party?

Evangeline brings Mare to the court during the party so that Evangeline can try to shame or bully Maven into doing something other than holding Mare prisoner. Evangeline wants Maven to either kill Mare or to interrogate her.

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