Objects & Places from King's Cage

Victoria Aveyard
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Whitefire Palace

This is the Silver palace where Mare is held prisoner.


This is a Scarlet Guard island hiding spot, but recently abandoned.


This is a Lakelander city where the Scarlet Guard have a stronghold called Irabelle.


This is a fortress city in Norta which is considered the heart of the Nortan military.

New Town

This is the town where Cameron grew up; it is where many factories and the “techie” workers are. It is always smog-filled.


A distant country with apparent equality among Reds, Silvers, and new bloods.


An ally of Norta, forming part of the southern border, governed by a collection of princes. There are hints that the Scarlet Guard is spreading there.


This is a supply city a few miles away from Corvium where there is a Scarlet Guard headquarters.

The Lakelands

This country has been fighting against Norta...

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