Daily Lessons for Teaching King's Cage

Victoria Aveyard
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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-5)


The objective of this lesson is for students to better understand why Kings Cage opens where it does, how the author sets the tone of the book, how the characters are revisited and/or become more in depth, and to consider how these choices could be different.


Class Discussion: Why do you think the author opened immediately after Glass Sword? Why not start after Mare has been imprisoned for a month? What does this start accomplish? Why does the author bring in the Samos family so early? Refer to the interaction with Mare, Ptolemus, and Evangeline in Chapter 1. How does Mare react to them? Why? Infer what sort of story arc these three will have together.

Artwork: Create artwork showing at least one of the interactions between Mare and Evangeline (i.e., either in the first chapter or the third chapter). This can be a...

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