King's Cage Fun Activities

Victoria Aveyard
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Create a playlist for either Mare or Maven. Explain why you chose these particular songs.

Family Tree

Using your family, create a family tree. Would your family be Red or Silver? Why? If Silver, what is your family’s power? If Red, what type of job(s) does your family have?


You may have noticed that some of the cities mentioned in the book sound like cities in the United States, such as Delphie (Philadelphia) and Naercey (New York City). Draw a map of your state and rename the major cities in a similar manner.


Subways/trains are obscure in Norta. Look at images of subway cars from around the world and draw a blueprint for a subway car in Norta.


Select a scene from the book. Rewrite the scene in a movie script format, as if King’s Cage were to become a...

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