King's Cage Character Descriptions

Victoria Aveyard
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Mare Barrow

This is the main protagonist, who is 18 years old in this book. This character is one of the first known red bloods with special powers, which normally only those with silver blood have. They are the face of the Scarlet Guard, a group of red bloods intent on overthrowing the silver monarchy.

Kilorn Warren

This character is the protagonist’s childhood friend who has become part of the Scarlet Guard, even without special powers.

Shade Barrow

This character, the protagonist’s older sibling and a newblood with the power of speed, was killed during the battle at Corros Prison.

Tiberias Calore "Cal" VII

This character is Silver royalty, and on the run from the king, due to being accused of regicide. He has joined with the Scarlet Guard due to a relationship with the protagonist. He has the power of fire control.

Maven Calore

This character is...

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