King's Cage Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Victoria Aveyard
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Chapters 1-5

Chapter 1 (Mare)

- The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Aveyard, Victoria. King’s Cage. HarperTeen, 2017. First Edition, trade bdg.

- Chapter 1 picks up where Glass Sword left off; Mare is a prisoner of King Maven and is being shown off to an audience of Silvers as the captured “leader of the Scarlet Guard” (2).

- Mare’s narration recaps the most recent events from Glass Sword, including the deaths of her brother, Shade, and that of Maven’s mother, Queen Elara of House Merandus. Mare does not know if her friends survived when she was captured.

- Once back in Whitefire Palace, Mare encounters Ptolemus Samos, nearly attacking him. Evangeline Samos comes to her brother’s rescue and tightens Mare’s restraints with her Magetron powers.

- Once Evangeline is ordered to stop, Mare notes that the restraints are looser...

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