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Short Answer Questions

1. When the King of France leaves the French encampment, who does he leave in charge?

2. Regan complains about not feeling well while fighting with whom about Edmund?

3. Who tells Kent of a plot against the King?

4. Who makes Lear sleep while they are in the farmhouse?

5. How does Edmund die?

Short Essay Questions

1. What caused Lear's madness?

2. How do Lear's and Gloucester's characters parallel each other?

3. Goneril and Regan dismiss Albany's desire to not hurt the King and say that what matters?

4. Although Lear does not want to see Cordelia, what is Cordelia's goal?

5. The comments of the servants to Regan after Gloucester is blinded indicate what?

6. What does Edgar mean when he says "Yet better thus, and known to be contemned, Than still contemned and flattered."

7. When Goneril hears of Cornwall's death, what are her concerns?

8. While Lear and his party are in the farmhouse, what action does Lear take that makes him appear to be suffering from madness?

9. In terms of the plot, what is Act 5, Scene 2 designed to do?

10. How does Cornwall punish Gloucester for his villainy?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Throughout the book, how does King Lear move toward a greater knowledge of the world and himself through his actions and experiences? Please use examples from the text to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

One of the first things that King Lear does is give up his kingdom. The end result is chaos for England. Using examples from the play, discuss whether you think this was a mistake by King Lear and how the play shows whether this was a mistake by King Lear or not.

Essay Topic 3

In the play, King Lear goes mad and recovers. In what ways does King Lear contribute to his madness and recovery, and in what ways is the madness thrust upon him? Support your answer with examples from the text.

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