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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Gloucester greets the news of the English taking prisoners with what thoughts?
(a) Thoughts of hopelessness.
(b) Thoughts of sadness.
(c) Thoughts of rescue.
(d) Thoughts of suicide.

2. Lear conducts a mock trial of his daughters; who serves as the judges?
(a) Edgar, Kent, and The Fool.
(b) Edgar and Kent.
(c) Kent and The Fool.
(d) Edgar and The Fool.

3. Who was captured by the English army?
(a) Lear and the Marshal of France.
(b) Cordelia and the Marshal of France.
(c) Lear and Cordelia.
(d) Kent and Lear.

4. Who makes Lear sleep while they are in the farmhouse?
(a) The Fool.
(b) Kent.
(c) Gloucester.
(d) Fortune.

5. Who tells Gloucester that Edmund betrayed him?
(a) Regan.
(b) Edmund.
(c) Cornwall.
(d) Goneril.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has to happen in order for Edgar to be reunited with his father?

2. When Gloucester is brought in and tied up, he asks Regan, Goneril, and Cornwall to not mistreat him because why?

3. Edgar, in his disguise as Poor Tom, agrees to lead Gloucester to the cliffs at which place?

4. What does Edgar give Albany in the British encampment?

5. A servant draws his sword on Cornwall because of what action?

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