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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Act I, Scene 3, what are the names of the characters who speak?
(a) Goneril and Oswald.
(b) Goneril, Oswald, and King Lear.
(c) King Lear and Goneril.
(d) King Lear and Oswald.

2. Edmund tells his brother that he fears someone has turned Gloucester against him and then tells his brother to do what?
(a) Find out who the informant is.
(b) Arm himself.
(c) Leave quickly.
(d) Issue a challenge.

3. Who carries a torch and finds the King and company in the forest?
(a) Regan.
(b) Goneril.
(c) Cornwall.
(d) Gloucester.

4. Edmund cuts his arm with what weapon after he and Edgar pretend to fight?
(a) A dagger.
(b) A sword.
(c) An arrow.
(d) A knife.

5. Lear says that the weather is not unkind in its actions of a storm because why?
(a) It has no reason to be obligated to him.
(b) It simply acts as nature will.
(c) It has reason to be stormy.
(d) It doesn't need any man to be a storm.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Goneril's gentleman do that causes King Lear to strike him?

2. Where is King Lear going to go when he leaves Goneril's house?

3. Who is Goneril's husband?

4. Gloucester blames the effects of what for affecting relationships?

5. To whom is Gloucester loyal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information does Kent want the gentleman to take to Dover?

2. Why can King Lear's son-in-laws not tell who Lear loves best in the beginning of the play?

3. Why does Edmund bemoan the fact that he is illegitimate?

4. Instead of explaining why he attacked Oswald, what does Kent say?

5. Before Lear and his retinue depart for Regan's house, what does the Fool tell Lear?

6. Why are Goneril and Regan awarded large parts of the kingdom?

7. What is the point of Act 2, Scene 3?

8. The storm is distracting the King from what?

9. What is ironic about Gloucester bemoaning that he was betrayed by his son?

10. How is King Lear going to divide up his kingdom?

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