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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has to happen in order for Edgar to be reunited with his father?
(a) Edgar's innocence has to be proven.
(b) Edgar must repent of his actions.
(c) Edgar has to find his father.
(d) Edgar has to not be mad.

2. Albany comes to the British encampment and says that the King is with Cordelia where?
(a) In the town.
(b) In the nearby forest.
(c) At the castle.
(d) In the French encampment.

3. Who kills Oswald?
(a) Edmund.
(b) Gloucester.
(c) Edgar.
(d) Regan.

4. Edmund fakes feeling what about turning in his father?
(a) Guilt.
(b) Sadness.
(c) Sorrow.
(d) Emotional conflict

5. Regan thinks that Gloucester should suffer what punishment?
(a) Beheading.
(b) The stocks.
(c) Hanging.
(d) Prison.

6. Edgar tells Gloucester that the person who led Gloucester to the edge of the cliff looked like a what?
(a) Demon.
(b) Boy.
(c) God.
(d) Traitor.

7. Who brings Cornwall the news that Gloucester has taken the King to Dover?
(a) A spy.
(b) Oswald.
(c) A gentleman.
(d) Kent.

8. The British armies are encamped near what city?
(a) Avon.
(b) Stratford.
(c) London.
(d) Dover.

9. Edmund promises not to allow Albany to have mercy on whom after the battle?
(a) Cordelia and Goneril.
(b) Gloucester and Edgar.
(c) Lear and Edgar.
(d) Lear and Cordelia.

10. Edgar, in his disguise as Poor Tom, agrees to lead Gloucester to the cliffs at which place?
(a) Dover.
(b) London.
(c) Avignon.
(d) Avon.

11. Where does the battle take place?
(a) On a field by the French encampment.
(b) On a field behind the English encampment.
(c) In Dover.
(d) On a field between the two camps.

12. What does Edgar give Albany in the British encampment?
(a) A letter from Goneril to Edgar.
(b) A letter from Goneril to Cornwall.
(c) A letter from Goneril to Edmund.
(d) A letter from Goneril to the King of France.

13. Who loses the battle according to the news Edgar brings?
(a) The French.
(b) Cordelia.
(c) Lear.
(d) Albany.

14. Lear says that wickedness is only punished in the poor and that wickedness isn't punished in the rich because they are protected by what?
(a) Their wealth.
(b) Their homes.
(c) Their status.
(d) Their servants.

15. When the King of France leaves the French encampment, who does he leave in charge?
(a) Albany.
(b) The Marshal of France.
(c) The Prince of France.
(d) Cordelia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Albany arrests who for treason?

2. Who says "Yet better thus, and known to be contemned, / Than still contemned and flattered"?

3. Who is leading a blind Gloucester into the heath?

4. Goneril thinks that Gloucester should suffer what punishment?

5. Regan complains about not feeling well while fighting with whom about Edmund?

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