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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What emotion does Edgar feel when he sees that his father is blind?
(a) Sadness.
(b) Fear.
(c) Guilt.
(d) Horror.

2. Who states that Goneril is a better soldier than Albany?
(a) Cornwall.
(b) A soldier.
(c) Oswald.
(d) Edmund.

3. A servant draws his sword on Cornwall because of what action?
(a) Because Cornwall gouged out one of Gloucester's eyes.
(b) Because Cornwall stabbed Gloucester.
(c) Because Cornwall tied Gloucester to a chair.
(d) Because Cornwall accused Gloucester of being a traitor.

4. Lear says that wickedness is only punished in the poor and that wickedness isn't punished in the rich because they are protected by what?
(a) Their homes.
(b) Their wealth.
(c) Their servants.
(d) Their status.

5. Who is leading a blind Gloucester into the heath?
(a) A mad man.
(b) An old man.
(c) A sad man.
(d) A poor man.

6. After Cornwall's death, who leads his army?
(a) Regan.
(b) Edmund.
(c) Albany.
(d) The Marshal of Cornwall.

7. Albany arrests who for treason?
(a) Regan and Edmund.
(b) Goneril and Edmund.
(c) Goneril.
(d) Goneril and Regan.

8. Cordelia prays that Lear will recover from what?
(a) His regrets.
(b) His depression.
(c) His suicidal tendancy.
(d) His madness.

9. Edgar stops in the middle of what area when he tells Gloucester that they are on a cliff?
(a) The forest.
(b) A field.
(c) A river.
(d) A barn.

10. When Gloucester is brought in and tied up, he asks Regan, Goneril, and Cornwall to not mistreat him because why?
(a) Because they are his guests.
(b) Because he helped their father.
(c) Because they are human.
(d) Because they are related to him.

11. Regan complains about not feeling well while fighting with whom about Edmund?
(a) Edgar.
(b) Her father.
(c) Albany.
(d) Goneril.

12. Cornwall says that Gloucester's villainy may be the cause of who's villainy?
(a) Goneril.
(b) Kent.
(c) Cordelia.
(d) Edgar.

13. What has to happen in order for Edgar to be reunited with his father?
(a) Edgar must repent of his actions.
(b) Edgar's innocence has to be proven.
(c) Edgar has to not be mad.
(d) Edgar has to find his father.

14. What is Edmund's response to Regan when she asks him if he slept with Goneril?
(a) He agrees.
(b) He ignores her.
(c) Denial.
(d) Refusal.

15. The man who leads the blind Earl of Gloucester into the heath claims what relationship to the Earl?
(a) A tenant.
(b) A man-at-arms.
(c) A soldier.
(d) A servant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who poisoned Regan?

2. Gloucester greets the news of the English taking prisoners with what thoughts?

3. When told of the death of Cornwall, Albany says the death was what?

4. Edmund tells a captain to kill Cordelia and make it look like what?

5. Who kills Oswald?

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