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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Goneril and Cornwall order Gloucester to do what if Lear returns to the castle?
(a) Not allow him in.
(b) Allow him into the stables only.
(c) Make sure he doesn't have any servants with him.
(d) Strip him of anything valuable.

2. Oswald is what relation to Goneril?
(a) Her steward.
(b) Her son.
(c) Her husband.
(d) Her cousin.

3. Where is King Lear going to go when he leaves Goneril's house?
(a) His palace.
(b) His summer home.
(c) France.
(d) Regan's house.

4. Why does Edmund want his legitimate brother disinherited?
(a) So that Edmund can sell off all the land.
(b) So that Edmund can live as a nobleman.
(c) So that Edmund can have all their father's attention.
(d) So that Edmund can inherit everything.

5. When King Lear gets ready to depart Goneril's house, what is his method of travel?
(a) By carriage.
(b) By cart.
(c) By foot.
(d) On horseback.

Short Answer Questions

1. Regan and Goneril tell Lear that he is what type of a man?

2. Before leaving Goneril's house, what does the Fool warn King Lear about?

3. When Cordelia refuses to profess her undying love for her father (the King), what does her father do?

4. While King Lear is staying with Goneril, how does she command her servants to treat the King and his people?

5. Goneril and Regan believe that the King's banishment of the man who defended Cordelia against being disinherited was what?

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