King Lear Fun Activities

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Create a Boardgame

Create a board game based on the play.


Act out a scene or the entire play for the class or the parents. Be sure to include scenery and costumes for the presentation.

Create a movie poster

Create a movie poster for the film version of King Lear. Make sure you include main characters on the poster.

Write a eulogy

Write a eulogy for one of the characters in the play who dies. Make sure that this eulogy accurately depicts the character based on their actions and characteristics as presented in the play.

Watch a movie

Watch a movie version of King Lear.

Newspaper Interview

Pretend that you are a newspaper interviewer (or internet blogger). Write out an interview that you had with one of the characters. Include your questions and the character's answers.

Be the mother

Pretend that you are Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia's...

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