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Mark Waid
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Short Answer Questions

1. How do the leaders of the U.N. react to news of the battle in Kansas?

2. What venture does Superman take on by himself after peace takes over?

3. While in the sky, what do Wonder Woman and Batman see heading for the battle?

4. Where does the Spectre state that Superman is going after the bomb detonates?

5. For what purpose are the superheroes housed in the Gulag?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Norman McKay realize about Superman's attack on the U.N.?

2. Why does the Spectre announce it is time to cast judgment to Norman McKay during the battle?

3. For what reasons does Superman tell Billy Batson that only he is qualified to make the choice to stop the bombs?

4. How is the U.N. justified in sending a plane armed with nuclear warheads to the battle at the Gulag?

5. How and why does Batman turn on Lex Luthor?

6. Before Wonder Woman leaves for the Gulag, what is her final disagreement with Superman?

7. For what does Shazam plead and what is the outcome of his meeting?

8. Why does the death of Von Bach change the tide of the battle?

9. How does Superman finally subdue Captain Marvel?

10. Why is the Manhunter from Mars unstable?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The art of telling a story through a graphic novel is vastly different from telling a story in novel form. Discuss how a writer and artist must work together to create a comic book, especially one of the magnitude of "Kingdom Come." What were their processes? How did they strike the balance between visual and written story-telling? How did the art help develop the characters? How did the writing help develop the art? Feel free to pick a specific scene from the book in order to more effectively illustrate your ideas and points.

Essay Topic 2

During his confrontation with Superman, Magog says that while he initially believed Superman to be afraid of him, he soon realized that he, indeed, was "afraid ... that I was the man of tomorrow. You were afraid of the future I represented." How does this statement relate to Superman's contemporaries? Did Superman's fears about Magog being the future come true? Why or why not? In what way does this foreshadow Norman's final statement in chapter four that the future is always left up to interpretation? Cite specific examples from the text to support your answers.

Essay Topic 3

One of the heavier themes of "Kingdom Come" involves how people can move on after losing their loved ones. How does Superman handle the loss of his family and friends? How does he react when the bomb detonates above the Gulag, leaving him surrounded by the bodies of many allies? How does the world handle the loss of everyone in Kansas, as well as most of the Midwest? What is significant about Norman's statement at the end of the book that "there is no grand celebration. There is too much pain to be forgotten," given Superman's task of creating a monument to everyone who passed away? What solutions does the book ultimately offer up in terms of dealing with loss for these characters?

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