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Mark Waid
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Short Answer Questions

1. While sitting with Superman outside of the Green Lantern's sanctuary in Chapter 3, what is Wonder Woman pulling with her lasso?

2. While in the sky, what do Wonder Woman and Batman see heading for the battle?

3. Where does Superman go to find Batman at the end of Chapter 3?

4. What does Norman McKay realize about the battle at the Gulag?

5. According to the Spectre, what can he not see?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Batman's purpose in joining the battle at the Gulag?

2. How does Superman finally subdue Captain Marvel?

3. When Wonder Woman and Batman see the planes approaching their battle, what choice does Batman lay out for her?

4. Describe the scene where the Spectre points and pronounces "judgment."

5. For what does Shazam plead and what is the outcome of his meeting?

6. How is the U.N. justified in sending a plane armed with nuclear warheads to the battle at the Gulag?

7. Why does the Spectre announce it is time to cast judgment to Norman McKay during the battle?

8. Before Wonder Woman leaves for the Gulag, what is her final disagreement with Superman?

9. According to Batman, what happened to Billy Batson before Lex Luthor got hold of him?

10. What is Batman's reaction to Superman's plea for help at the end of Chapter 3?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How is "Kingdom Come" a story of redemption? How must the meta-humans redeem their lapses in the eyes of the humans they swore to protect? How must Superman redeem his abandonment of society, as well as society redeeming their condemnation of his peaceful ways? In what ways is Wonder Woman's loss and subsequent recovery of her heritage integral to the story? How is Norman McKay's story line and character arc in line with the theme of redemption?

Essay Topic 2

Wesley Dodd plays a small, but ultimately vital role in "Kingdom Come." How does his past role as the Sandman and current life as an average, church-going man make him a unique candidate to anchor the Spectre? Why does he have visions? What were Wesley's views on the younger meta-humans? How did he feel about the state of human affairs before his death? How does Wesley Dodd spend his final moments with his visions? What gifts does he grant to his doctor and nurse and why is this significant? How is Wesley honored at the end of the story?

Essay Topic 3

Why do Superman and Wonder Woman conflict so heavily throughout this book, despite their shared goals to bring peace to the world? In what ways is Wonder Woman correct in her assessment that she should have been firmer in her ways? However, how is Superman correct in saying that beings of their power have an obligation to bring peace and never war? What is at the heart of their conflict? What is significant about the cold kiss Wonder Woman gives Superman before doing battle at the Gulag? How is this resolved in their eventual romantic relationship?

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