Objects & Places from Kingdom Come

Mark Waid
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Planet Krypton

This place is a themed attraction, requiring all the workers to dress in costume and greet visitors in character.


This is a piece of literature that foretells the end of the world.

Paradise Island

This place is home to the Amazons.


This place is the central hub for security in Gotham City.

Statue of Liberty

This is an inspiring symbol of its country, though becomes a vicious battlefield in the book.

The Mankind Liberation Front

This is part of an effort to take control away from the superhumans, though not for any altruistic reasons.


This is the ultimate goal of the Spectre and drives his motivation to bring Norman along to witness the events of this book.


This is a prison for renegade superheroes.


This is an attempt by Superman to teach the younger generations of superheroes about morality and justice...

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