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Mark Waid
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Essay Topic 1

Discuss the role of responsibility in "Kingdom Come." How does this affect the younger meta-humans? In what way does Superman abandon his responsibilities and how does he redeem himself? What responsibilities does Norman McKay fail to perform in the beginning of "Kingdom Come?" How do the humans and the delegates of the U.N. factor into this? In particular, how does this relate to the relationship between Magog and Superman? Cite specific examples from the text to support your answers.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the characters of Batman and Superman in the following format:

Part 1) Earthly versus extraterrestrial origins.

Part 2) Beliefs in peace-keeping and enforcing the law.

Part 3) Personality.

Part 4) Roles in preventing (or unintentionally) bringing the world close to the Armageddon.

Part 5) Trust, respect, and relationship with each other.

Cite specific examples from the text.

Essay Topic 3

How is "Kingdom Come" a story of redemption? How...

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