Kingdom Come Character Descriptions

Mark Waid
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Rev. Norman McCay

This character has been chosen to bear witness and judge the impending apocalypse.

The Spectre

This character is formerly a police officer and superhero.


This character, deeply admired and respected, comes out of his seclusion to help make the world right again.


This character upholds his or her own code of morality and decency, though other characters disapprove of this character's methods of ruling by fear.

Wonder Woman

This character has been stripped of his or her heritage and will fight to restore the world in the way that he or she sees fit.

Captain Marvel

This character is extremely powerful, though brainwashed and severely traumatized.


This character, though arrogant and eager to blame others for his or her mistakes, is riddled with guilt and anguish over the destruction his or her actions caused.

Lex Luthor

This character is highly egotistical and...

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