Kingdom Come Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mark Waid
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Chapter 1, Strange Visitor

• Norman McKay sits with his parishioner, Wesley Dodd, in the latter's final moments.

• Wesley, formerly the Sandman, passes his visions of Armageddon to Norman.
• After Wesley's death, Norman becomes plagued by visions from Revelation, including the nuclear destruction of Kansas by careless superheroes (led by Magog).

• Norman fails to preach hope to his congregation and is seen to be struggling with his faith.
• The Spectre, too late to find Wesley Dodd, comes to Norman, telling him he needs him as a guide in order to cast judgment upon those responsible for the end of the world.
• The Spectre takes Norman (invisible as a spirit) to Superman's farm, where he has isolated himself for the last ten years.

• The two spirits witness an encounter between Superman and Wonder Woman, who tells him about Kansas and pleads with him to return and help.
• The Spectre shows Wesley...

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