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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the King when Anna finds him following their fight in the schoolroom?
(a) His throne.
(b) His study.
(c) The schoolroom.
(d) The church hall.

2. What does Lady Thiang call Anna?
(a) Ma'am.
(b) Master.
(c) Missy.
(d) Sir.

3. What does Anna say the King has done to her that no one ever has done previously?
(a) Ignored her wishes.
(b) Broken a promise.
(c) Dismissed her presence.
(d) Spoken to her in that manner.

4. What does the King say Anna's themed lessons will cause him to do?
(a) Allow a visitor for her.
(b) Hold his ground.
(c) Let her visit home.
(d) Build her a home.

5. What does Anna tell the children is inside the world?
(a) A soul.
(b) A heat source.
(c) A central pull.
(d) A big stick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What song does the King sing in the third scene?

2. What is Anna told would hurt the King's pride when Anna goes to speak with the King?

3. What word(s) does Anna use that enthralls the King when they first meet?

4. Anna show the children what about England in the fourth scene?

5. The children are shocked about what when they see what Anna shows them in the fourth Scene?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the King write to Anna in a letter, and how does she respond to this?

2. What is the first song the children sing together?

3. What song do Lun Tha and Tuptim sing together, and what is the song's subject?

4. The Crown Prince tells his father he is worried about what?

5. What does Tuptim tell Lady Thiang she is doing when she is caught leaving the palace before the play?

6. Why does the King want Anna to teach his children?

7. What does the King want to send Lincoln, and why?

8. What is Tuptim's play called, and what is its subject?

9. What does the King promise to Anna if the plan is successful?

10. What is the first song the King sings as a solo, and what is it about?

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