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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Kennedy tell Marlowe?
(a) He has to amputate above the elbow that day or it will be too late.
(b) The arm looks as though it is getting better on its own.
(c) He can only wait a few more days before amutating.
(d) He can not longer operate as the arm is too far gone.

2. How much does the King give Prouty?
(a) $900.
(b) $350.
(c) $1400.
(d) $500.

3. Why does Lt. Grey place Marlowe under arrest?
(a) For disobeying orders.
(b) For not distributing the coconuts fairly.
(c) For selling a fountain pen to a Korean guard.
(d) For eating dog.

4. How do Marlowe, Larkin and McCoy decide to spread news about the war?
(a) To trick the Korean guards into telling the news.
(b) They decide not to say anything since things are not going that well.
(c) For each to tell two friends, who tell two friends.
(d) To call a meeting of the highest-ranking officers and let them decide.

5. What does the King tell the officers that sobers them briefly as they are laughing and playing?
(a) That the Allies dropped two atomic bombs on Japan.
(b) That Lt. Grey has incriminating evidence against them all.
(c) That they are about to eat Rover's hindquarters.
(d) That the Allies will be invading within weeks.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the King slap Marlowe?

2. How much does Marlowe get for the sergeant's fountain pen?

3. What do some men wonder about Marlowe and the King?

4. Who leads Marlowe and the King to the village?

5. About what is Ewart furious?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Sean refuse to go on stage and what changes his mind?

2. What happens when Lt. Grey stumbles from illness and what is the result?

3. Describe Marlowe's visit with McCoy in the infirmary.

4. Why are King and Marlowe in the King's tent at the opening of Chapter 19 and what happens?

5. Describe the scene where Marlowe acts as a go-between.

6. Describe Tiny Timsen.

7. How do Marlowe and the King reestablish their friendship after the King blows up at Marlowe about the radio?

8. Who does the King invite to start up a rat breeding operation and what is the plan?

9. Who intercepts Lt. Grey as he goes to arrest Prouty and Marlowe, and why does Grey allow himself to be distracted?

10. Describe the pursuit and escape of Marlowe with the money.

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