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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the King explain to Marlowe in an effort to soothe Marlowe?
(a) The risks and benefits of business.
(b) That Prouty stole the watch anyway.
(c) That the guard is going to rip someone else off with the same watch.
(d) That Prouty will be able to feed his group regardless.

2. What does Marlowe believe about the war?
(a) It will never end.
(b) It is almost over.
(c) It will drag on for several more years.
(d) It no longer matters.

3. What does Shagata report?
(a) Cheng has been executed.
(b) Cheng is no longer interested in the deal.
(c) Cheng has been exiled.
(d) Cheng has been released and has the money.

4. Who runs interference for King and Marlowe as they try to escape with the money?
(a) Tex and Max.
(b) Steven and Max.
(c) Smedly-Taylor.
(d) Max and McCoy.

5. What does the King surmise about Cheng?
(a) He loves his family.
(b) He is a liar.
(c) He is hurting for cash.
(d) He is honest.

Short Answer Questions

1. About what does Torusumi talk?

2. How long does Yoshima's staff search to find the new radio?

3. What has Grey learned from his spy about the diamond?

4. What does Grey find on the King when he catches him?

5. What does Shagata do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does the King invite to start up a rat breeding operation and what is the plan?

2. How do Marlowe and the King go outside to wire, and where do they go?

3. Why does Sean refuse to go on stage and what changes his mind?

4. How do Marlowe, Larkin and Smedly-Taylor decide to pass on the news to the camp after getting the radio working and what is the result?

5. How do Marlowe and the King reestablish their friendship after the King blows up at Marlowe about the radio?

6. Why isn't Marlowe successful in going after the money and how is he care for with the medicines Timsen gets?

7. What happens when Lt. Grey stumbles from illness and what is the result?

8. Describe Tiny Timsen.

9. With what does Larkin surprise Marlowe and why does he do so?

10. Describe the negotiations for the diamond.

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