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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Shagata report?
(a) Cheng has been executed.
(b) Cheng has been released and has the money.
(c) Cheng has been exiled.
(d) Cheng is no longer interested in the deal.

2. About what does the King caution Marlowe?
(a) To bow to Torusumi.
(b) To not shake hands with Torusumi.
(c) To make the guards understand even is Marlowe has to translate some things loosely.
(d) To translate to and from Malay very precisely.

3. What does Jones order Blakely to do?
(a) Run outside the wire.
(b) Claim innocence and accuse Grey of demanding bribes.
(c) Go into hiding in the camp.
(d) Nothing; Jones will handle it.

4. To whom does Marlowe send coconuts?
(a) Yashima.
(b) Sulina.
(c) Torusumi and Shoko.
(d) Sutra.

5. How much does the King take as his commission?
(a) $450.
(b) $100.
(c) $90.
(d) $75.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Larkin make a batch of blachang?

2. Who intercepts Grey to keep him from arresting the King and Marlowe?

3. What does McCoy say to Larkin about Prouty?

4. How much do delivery, nurse and equipment cost to take care of Marlowe?

5. Why does the King trip?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who intercepts Lt. Grey as he goes to arrest Prouty and Marlowe, and why does Grey allow himself to be distracted?

2. Who gets a letter from home and how does it seem many POWs feel about letters?

3. What happens when Lt. Grey stumbles from illness and what is the result?

4. How do Marlowe and the King go outside to wire, and where do they go?

5. What happens when the King offers Marlowe $108 dollars as Marlowe's take in the transaction with Prouty's watch?

6. With what does Larkin surprise Marlowe and why does he do so?

7. Describe Marlowe's visit with McCoy in the infirmary.

8. Why are King and Marlowe in the King's tent at the opening of Chapter 19 and what happens?

9. Why does Sean refuse to go on stage and what changes his mind?

10. Describe Tiny Timsen.

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