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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Grey to check in the ditch by Hut 16?
(a) A stash of weed.
(b) A can.
(c) A stash of hemp fibers for weaving.
(d) A dead body.

2. What fault does Col. Brant find with the King?
(a) Wearing a dirty uniform.
(b) Being late to formation.
(c) Harrassing the laundress.
(d) Flaunting his wealth.

3. What is a worse place than the Changi camp?
(a) No place.
(b) The Ultra fortress.
(c) The Ginseng dungeons.
(d) The Utram Road jail.

4. Of what does Steven complain?
(a) The smells in the infirmary.
(b) The way his clothes are scratching him.
(c) The King's priviledges.
(d) Overwork.

5. Who is Peter Marlowe?
(a) A journalist.
(b) The man speaking with the native.
(c) An Air Force general.
(d) A Marine colonel.

6. Who tries to construct a new wireless?
(a) The King.
(b) Marlowe.
(c) McCoy.
(d) Lt. Grey.

7. What is one problem that could impact humans?
(a) The fleas on rats can carry plague.
(b) Rat meat goes rancid very quickly.
(c) The psychological problem of eating rat.
(d) Rabies.

8. Who leads a raid?
(a) Major Barry.
(b) Capt. Brough.
(c) Col. Brant.
(d) Lt. Grey.

9. What does Marlowe find shady?
(a) That the Americans are dealing separately with the Japanese.
(b) That Max has been outside the wire for several days now.
(c) That the Americans are dealing separately with the Koreans.
(d) The fact that the King leaked the secret.

10. What does Kurt bring in at the end of Chapter 10?
(a) A different breed of rats that may not carry the plague.
(b) A Korean soldier who wants in on the rat business.
(c) A new prisoner who worked with rats in a medical lab.
(d) A female rat he has captured.

11. What is Eve?
(a) The first female rat they breed.
(b) The code word for the breeding project.
(c) No one knows who Eve is; the word just appears on a hut wall one day.
(d) The name Steven calls himself in his latest play.

12. By what are King and Marlowe shaken?
(a) The fact that Col Brant is being released and a worse commandant will be assuming command.
(b) The epidemic of malaria.
(c) The epidemic of cholera.
(d) The close call with Grey.

13. On what does Grey splurge?
(a) A second cigarette for the day.
(b) A half cup of milk.
(c) A night sneaking out of the camp.
(d) A night with one of the geisha girls.

14. How long does it take to construct a radio?
(a) A few days.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Five months.
(d) They don't have the parts to construct a radio.

15. Why have the rat breeders installed a trap door to the "kennels"?
(a) To trap anyone trying to steal a rat couple.
(b) They decide not to install a trap door as it would be too apparent something was going on.
(c) To keep the rats from digging out.
(d) To keep the curious out.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marlowe offer the King after eating King's eggs?

2. Why does the King thank Sgt. Masters?

3. What POW camp is Marlowe in before coming to Changi?

4. What do the conspirators wonder in Hut 16?

5. Who does the King speak to across the compound?

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