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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. By what are King and Marlowe shaken?
(a) The fact that Col Brant is being released and a worse commandant will be assuming command.
(b) The epidemic of malaria.
(c) The epidemic of cholera.
(d) The close call with Grey.

2. Who is Lt. Grey?
(a) The camp liaison.
(b) The camp quartermaster.
(c) The camp Provost marshal.
(d) The camp doctor.

3. What does King offer Marlowe to join his payroll?
(a) One good meal a day.
(b) A geisha at his beck and call.
(c) $20 a week.
(d) $50 a week.

4. What does Lt. Grey want in Chapter 11?
(a) To go outside the wire to a geisha girl.
(b) To take over Lt. Dexter's job.
(c) To die.
(d) To be left alone.

5. What does Dr. Prudhomme announce?
(a) Another run-in with the Japanese doctor.
(b) Two upcoming amputations.
(c) Two upcoming appendectomies.
(d) Four more deaths.

6. Who does the King speak to across the compound?
(a) No one.
(b) Captain Quigg.
(c) Lt. Grey cannot ascertain.
(d) Major Johnson.

7. What is essential to the rat project?
(a) That it be kept a secret.
(b) The tacit permission of the Korean guards.
(c) To have enough space.
(d) The permission of the officers.

8. Why have the rat breeders installed a trap door to the "kennels"?
(a) To keep the rats from digging out.
(b) They decide not to install a trap door as it would be too apparent something was going on.
(c) To trap anyone trying to steal a rat couple.
(d) To keep the curious out.

9. Who is Tex?
(a) A guard.
(b) The man who handles the legwork for the King.
(c) The chaplain.
(d) The only Marine officer in the camp.

10. On what does Grey splurge?
(a) A half cup of milk.
(b) A night with one of the geisha girls.
(c) A second cigarette for the day.
(d) A night sneaking out of the camp.

11. What do the conspirators wonder in Hut 16?
(a) If Marlowe can fix the transponder.
(b) Who betrays them.
(c) If Col. Brant will be moved to Ultram.
(d) If the King can get another radio crystal.

12. What secret does the King leak to the Australians?
(a) About the Korean guards.
(b) About the rats.
(c) About Lt. Grey's wife.
(d) About the tobacco process.

13. On what do the officers depend heavily for survival?
(a) Three hens.
(b) A milk cow.
(c) A goat which they milk.
(d) The blind eyes of the Korean guards.

14. Who does the King summon into his hut?
(a) The camp stoolie.
(b) A laundry woman.
(c) The man speaking with the native.
(d) A prison guard.

15. Who reprimands both Lt. Grey and the man he summons?
(a) Col. Bird.
(b) Captain Quigg.
(c) Col. Brant.
(d) Major Johnson.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Marlowe learn that the King has a temper?

2. Who promises to take care of the man in question #83?

3. Why does Larkin punish Pvt. Gurble?

4. What is Col. Sellars missing?

5. Why does the King panic at Marlowe's request?

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