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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Marlowe get the King in trouble in the first place?
(a) To irritate Lt. Grey.
(b) To see what sort of man the King is.
(c) A love of danger.
(d) He does not like the man.

2. What does Marlowe ask of King?
(a) To befriend another enlisted man.
(b) A light for his cigarette.
(c) To help the doctor.
(d) To help the chaplain.

3. Of what is Grey accused?
(a) Conduct unbecoming an officer.
(b) Being out of uniform.
(c) Harrassing a man of higher rank.
(d) Harrassing a civilian.

4. By what are King and Marlowe shaken?
(a) The epidemic of malaria.
(b) The close call with Grey.
(c) The fact that Col Brant is being released and a worse commandant will be assuming command.
(d) The epidemic of cholera.

5. What fault does Col. Brant find with the King?
(a) Wearing a dirty uniform.
(b) Harrassing the laundress.
(c) Being late to formation.
(d) Flaunting his wealth.

6. What does Grey tell Larkin?
(a) That Grey has arrested two of Larkin's men for gambling.
(b) That Grey wants to join the next group of "two up."
(c) That Grey is filing charges against Larkin.
(d) That Grey is putting Larkin in for a commendation.

7. Where does the King want to set up a rat farm?
(a) In the officer's latrine area.
(b) In the slit trench under a hut.
(c) In an excavation under the Korean solders's barracks.
(d) In the jungle outside the wire.

8. What is essential to the rat project?
(a) The tacit permission of the Korean guards.
(b) To have enough space.
(c) That it be kept a secret.
(d) The permission of the officers.

9. What does Col. Kennedy want to know from the King?
(a) Why Sgt. Masters didn't get enough quinine in time.
(b) What Marlowe is doing outside the wire.
(c) Why Lt. Grey keeps going to the enlisted latrines.
(d) The secret of the King's health and success.

10. What surprises King about Marlowe?
(a) He can speak many languages.
(b) He is timid despite his size.
(c) He has several books in his possession.
(d) He is an officer.

11. Why can't Marlowe sleep the night after the King talks with him about going outside the wire?
(a) He keeps thinking about the voyage from Java.
(b) He is too hot.
(c) He is planning on how to take over the King's operations.
(d) He is afraid to go outside the wire.

12. With whom do the King and Marlowe meet in the night?
(a) Col. Brant.
(b) A man with six daughters.
(c) A Buddhist monk.
(d) A Korean guard.

13. In what language are the man and native speaking?
(a) Japanese.
(b) Chinese.
(c) Indonesian.
(d) Malay.

14. To what does the King invite Marlowe?
(a) A planning session.
(b) To go outside the wire.
(c) A rich lunch.
(d) A rat roast.

15. What secret does the King leak to the Australians?
(a) About the rats.
(b) About Lt. Grey's wife.
(c) About the tobacco process.
(d) About the Korean guards.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what do the Korean guards search?

2. What is one problem that could impact humans?

3. Why does Larkin punish Pvt. Gurble?

4. What does Lt. Grey want in Chapter 11?

5. What is Grey to check in the ditch by Hut 16?

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