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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tries to construct a new wireless?
(a) McCoy.
(b) The King.
(c) Marlowe.
(d) Lt. Grey.

2. What does Larkin say Australians need to do?
(a) Have geisha girls in the camp.
(b) Gamble.
(c) Feel like men.
(d) Drink whiskey.

3. Why is Lt. Grey summoning the person?
(a) To ask about supplies that are to arrive.
(b) For a tongue lashing.
(c) To get maps of the island.
(d) For an inventory.

4. On what does Grey splurge?
(a) A second cigarette for the day.
(b) A night sneaking out of the camp.
(c) A night with one of the geisha girls.
(d) A half cup of milk.

5. What surprises King about Marlowe?
(a) He is an officer.
(b) He can speak many languages.
(c) He is timid despite his size.
(d) He has several books in his possession.

6. What does Kurt bring in at the end of Chapter 10?
(a) A Korean soldier who wants in on the rat business.
(b) A different breed of rats that may not carry the plague.
(c) A new prisoner who worked with rats in a medical lab.
(d) A female rat he has captured.

7. What does Col. Smedly-Taylor ask Yoshima?
(a) About what happened to Sgt. Masters.
(b) About why the Americans are receiving a greater share of the portions.
(c) About better food and medicine.
(d) About how the war is going.

8. What are two potential problems in raising the rats?
(a) Snakes and stealing.
(b) Discovery and snakes.
(c) Cannibalism and fighting.
(d) Snakes and flooding of the cages.

9. What does Grey see the King do?
(a) Sell a watch illegally.
(b) Hand off the diamond to a Korean guard.
(c) Meet the Korean guard Turasan.
(d) Buy some smuggled goods.

10. Of what does Grey say he has heard rumors?
(a) That they are to be given new clothing next week.
(b) A diamond in the camp.
(c) An armistice.
(d) An allied invasion.

11. What does King see in Marlowe's offer?
(a) Commercial value.
(b) A kindness the King does not deserve.
(c) An attempt to entrap the King.
(d) A catch somewhere.

12. Why does the King thank Sgt. Masters?
(a) For helping the King recover from a bout of Malaria.
(b) To ask when some quinine might become available.
(c) For tipping the King off about Lt. Grey's message.
(d) For the wine the Sgt. gives the King.

13. What is a worse place than the Changi camp?
(a) The Ginseng dungeons.
(b) No place.
(c) The Ultra fortress.
(d) The Utram Road jail.

14. For what do the Korean guards search?
(a) Woman brought into the camp illegally.
(b) Illegal rations.
(c) Any contraband.
(d) An illegal radio.

15. Why have the rat breeders installed a trap door to the "kennels"?
(a) They decide not to install a trap door as it would be too apparent something was going on.
(b) To keep the curious out.
(c) To keep the rats from digging out.
(d) To trap anyone trying to steal a rat couple.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who promises to take care of the man in question #83?

2. What does King want Marlowe to do?

3. What is Maj. Barry asking King to sell?

4. What does King give Marlowe?

5. Why is Grey angry?

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