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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Grimalkin?
(a) Benjamin Biggle's horse.
(b) A retired English merchant.
(c) Mr. Coke's horse.
(d) Agba's cat.

2. In Chapter 16, why doesn't Agba defend himself against his accusers?
(a) He is paralyzed with fear.
(b) He knows he is guilty.
(c) He can't speak.
(d) He doesn't understand English.

3. Who is King of the Wind?
(a) Sham.
(b) Lath.
(c) Cade.
(d) Agba.

4. Where is Agba sent in Chapter 20?
(a) London.
(b) Gog Magog.
(c) Morocco.
(d) Wicken Fen.

5. Which chore does Agba despise in Chapter 19?
(a) Cleaning Hobgoblin's stall.
(b) Cleaning the jockeys' silks.
(c) Drawing and carrying water for the duchess.
(d) Beating the horse blankets.

6. Who is kind enough to provide Sham with barley and oats in Chapter 20?
(a) Mr. Williams.
(b) The Earl of Godolphin.
(c) Signor Achmet.
(d) Mistress Cockburn.

7. Who is Titus Twickerham?
(a) Sham's jockey.
(b) The Sultan's new chief of horses.
(c) The Earl's head groom.
(d) Signor Achmet's head groom.

8. Why is Agba sent away in Chapter 20?
(a) Because Mr. Twickerham wanted a new jockey.
(b) Because he allowed Sham to escape.
(c) Because Roxana did not like him.
(d) Because he allowed Hobgoblin to escape.

9. How does Sham anger the carter?
(a) Sham kicks him.
(b) Sham runs away.
(c) Sham bites him.
(d) Sham throws him.

10. Who does Sham knock down on the stable floor in Chapter 19?
(a) Titus Twickerham.
(b) The Earl of Godolphin.
(c) Roxanna.
(d) Hobgoblin.

11. How does Agba find Sham in Chapter 12?
(a) He posts ads.
(b) He follows a carter.
(c) He asks store owners and horse trainers.
(d) He watches the horse sales.

12. Who asks about Sham's pedigree in Chapter 21?
(a) The King of France.
(b) The Queen of England.
(c) The Sultan.
(d) The President of the United States.

13. In Chapter 22, who does the Earl want to have run in the race?
(a) Hobgoblin.
(b) Sham.
(c) Agba.
(d) Lath, Cade and Regulus.

14. Who is Mistress Cockburn?
(a) Mr. Coke's wife.
(b) Mr. Biggle's wife.
(c) A shopkeeper.
(d) Mr. Coke's housekeeper.

15. Who is Jethro Coke?
(a) An owner of a tack shop.
(b) An owner of a chocolate shop.
(c) A retired English merchant.
(d) A cook for the English Army.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who keeps Agba company while he is in prison?

2. In Chapter 17, who is looking for Agba at the Red Lion Inn?

3. What does "Godolphin" mean?

4. Who buys Sham in Chapter 18?

5. Who are Cade and Regulus?

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