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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 22, who does the Earl want to have watch the race?
(a) Sham.
(b) Grimalkin.
(c) Roxana.
(d) Lath, Cade and Regulus.

2. Who asks about Sham's pedigree in Chapter 21?
(a) The Sultan.
(b) The President of the United States.
(c) The King of France.
(d) The Queen of England.

3. Who is Roxana?
(a) A breeding mare.
(b) The Earl's daughter.
(c) Agba's new cat.
(d) A jockey.

4. Who owns Sham in Chapter 12?
(a) The baker.
(b) The Englishman.
(c) The carter.
(d) The tailor.

5. Who is Lath?
(a) Sham's first son.
(b) A new breeding mare.
(c) Sham's new jockey.
(d) Sham's new owner.

6. How does Sham anger the carter?
(a) Sham kicks him.
(b) Sham runs away.
(c) Sham throws him.
(d) Sham bites him.

7. Who is waiting for Sham and Agba in Chapter 21?
(a) Mistress Cockburn.
(b) Mr. Williams.
(c) Mr. Twickerham.
(d) The Earl of Godolphin.

8. What does Agba do to earn money in Chapter 13?
(a) Helps the fishmongers and farmers in the market place.
(b) Cleans stables.
(c) Sells tack from a shop.
(d) Sells chocolates on street corners.

9. Who is Jethro Coke?
(a) A retired English merchant.
(b) A cook for the English Army.
(c) An owner of a chocolate shop.
(d) An owner of a tack shop.

10. Who once reads a story set in Morocco?
(a) Mistress Cockburn.
(b) Mr. Biggle.
(c) The Earl of Godolphin.
(d) Titus Twickerham.

11. Who wants to take Agba's cat away?
(a) Mr. Williams.
(b) The warden.
(c) The constable.
(d) Mrs. Williams.

12. What does the horse-breaker recommend be done with Sham?
(a) That he be sent back to Morocco.
(b) That he be tied up and not fed.
(c) That he be sold for meat.
(d) That he be released into the wild.

13. Which famous people attend the great race in Chapter 23?
(a) The President of the United States and the First Lady.
(b) The King and Queen of England.
(c) The King and Queen of France.
(d) The Sultan of Morocco and his three favorite wives.

14. How does Agba recognize Sham?
(a) Sham rubs his head against Agba's shoulder.
(b) By Sham's whinny.
(c) By the curve of Sham's neck.
(d) By his markings.

15. Who are Cade and Regulus?
(a) Sham's sons.
(b) Guard dogs.
(c) Stable boys.
(d) Jockeys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the Earl of Godolphin considering selling his stables?

2. How does the carter punish Sham?

3. Who is Grimalkin?

4. In Chapter 20, who comes to visit Agba in his hovel?

5. What does Titus Twickerham think Sham would do best?

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