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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Agba he must appear before the Sultan?
(a) The Chief Guard.
(b) The Sultan's second wife.
(c) Another stable boy.
(d) Signor Achmet.

2. What does Bishop Fleury advise the King to do with the Moroccan horses?
(a) Sell them to the King of Spain.
(b) Assign them to transport goods for the army.
(c) Send them to the circus.
(d) Assign them to transport goods for the army.

3. Why doesn't the French King's adviser want to see the horses from Morocco?
(a) He is busy with important affairs of state.
(b) The King of France already has a hundred horses in his stables.
(c) He is afraid of horses.
(d) He dislikes the odor of the stables.

4. What do the two signs on the foal signify?
(a) The foal will experience both good and bad luck.
(b) The foal will die shortly after birth.
(c) The foal will bless the stables with his presence.
(d) The foal is destined to be a great racehorse.

5. What country does Agba live in?
(a) Morocco.
(b) England.
(c) Saudi Arabia.
(d) Canada.

6. What is desirable about Sham's neck?
(a) It is long and stretches nicely when he is running.
(b) It is short and stocky, indicating strength.
(c) His good luck mark can be seen when he is running.
(d) It arches well.

7. What does the new moon represent to Agba?
(a) The beginning of a new life.
(b) A chance to escape the Sultan.
(c) A favorable sign for the mare's unborn foal.
(d) A bad omen for the mare's unborn foal.

8. What does the camel driver give Agba?
(a) Directions.
(b) Advice.
(c) Herbs.
(d) Camel's milk and honey.

9. What unusual command does the Sultan give in Chapter 1?
(a) Most of his horses will be sacrificed.
(b) The horses must also fast for Ramadan.
(c) Most of his horses will be sold.
(d) The slaves must now grow their own food.

10. What animal does the mare once outrun?
(a) A camel.
(b) A cheetah.
(c) A leopard.
(d) A gazelle.

11. Who is Man 'o War's owner?
(a) Mr. Riddle.
(b) The Earl of Godolphin.
(c) The Sultan of Morocco.
(d) Mr. Barton.

12. What is the significance of the mark Agba discovers on the new foal?
(a) The foal will be a good jumper.
(b) The foal will be unlucky.
(c) The foal will be swift.
(d) The foal will be strong.

13. Why does Agba measure Sham in Chapter 8?
(a) For a new saddle.
(b) To compare him to other horses in the Sultan's stable.
(c) To make sure his new stall is large enough.
(d) For a new blanket.

14. In Chapter 1, why does no one at the palace eat during the day?
(a) They are in mourning.
(b) They are busy preparing for the Sultan's arrival.
(c) The Sultan does not give his slaves much food.
(d) They are fasting because it is Ramadan.

15. What natural skill does Sham possess?
(a) He knows what Sham is thinking.
(b) He can escape any stall.
(c) He can outrun all the other horses.
(d) He can jump higher than all the other horses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Agba feed the foal in Chapter 5?

2. Where does the cook sell Sham?

3. What does the wild boar behind the stables do in Chapter 3?

4. Who does Sham allow to hold the reins when he pulls a carriage?

5. Which horse is Man o' War racing?

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