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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 1, how many horses does Agba care for?
(a) Six.
(b) One.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Ten.

2. Who owns the horses that Agba tends?
(a) Signor Achmet.
(b) Mr. Riddle.
(c) The Sultan.
(d) Mr. Barton.

3. Which famous horse is Man o' War descended from?
(a) Big Red.
(b) Seabiscuit.
(c) Sir Barton.
(d) The Godolphin Arabian.

4. Why does Agba worry about Sham in Chapter 6?
(a) Sham is constantly escaping his stall.
(b) Sham is missing.
(c) Agba fears no one will care for Sham if he is executed.
(d) Agba fears the Sultan will destroy Sham.

5. How does Signor Achmet react to the boar's squeal in Chapter 4?
(a) He makes the wheat ear sign.
(b) He shouts at the boar.
(c) He prays that the boar will absorb any evil spirits.
(d) He throws a rock at the boar.

6. Why does Agba train Sham to run longer?
(a) Because Signor Achmet tells him to do so.
(b) To prepare him for the race.
(c) To prepare him for the long journey.
(d) So he will fetch the highest price at the market.

7. What do the stable boys do aboard the ship bound for France?
(a) Sit below the deck.
(b) Tend their horses.
(c) Man the heavy sails on stormy seas.
(d) Pray for their horses.

8. Why doesn't Signor Achmet think the mare's milk will be of use to the foal?
(a) The foal will be sent to another stable the next day.
(b) The mare is weak and will die soon.
(c) He believes that sweetened camel's milk is better.
(d) The foal is too weak to nurse.

9. What is Man 'o War's nickname?
(a) Sham.
(b) Sir Riddle.
(c) Big Red.
(d) Sir Barton.

10. What advice does Man 'o War's trainer give the jockey?
(a) Let him run his own race.
(b) Don't let him slow down.
(c) Keep control of him.
(d) Hold those reins tight.

11. What command does Signor Achmet give Agba in Chapter 1?
(a) Go before the Sultan.
(b) Spend less time with the mare.
(c) Eat with the rest of the stable boys.
(d) Stay with the mare until she begins her labor.

12. What mark does Agba notice on the new foal?
(a) A stripe.
(b) A wheat ear.
(c) A dark spot.
(d) A white spot.

13. What does the Sultan ask Agba?
(a) To kneel.
(b) The mare's location.
(c) His name.
(d) Sham's location.

14. In Chapter 11, what does Signor Achmet give Agba before he leaves?
(a) A letter for the King of Morocco.
(b) An embrace.
(c) Sham's bag.
(d) A handshake.

15. Why do the palace guards allow Agba to pass the gate?
(a) They do not see him.
(b) Because he has a letter from Signor Achmet.
(c) He bribes them.
(d) Because he is the first slave boy of Signor Achmet.

Short Answer Questions

1. What natural skill does Sham possess?

2. Where are the horses racing in the Prologue?

3. What must Agba do before he can approach the Sultan?

4. Who leads the procession to the city limits in Chapter 9?

5. Why does Agba stay close to the mare in Chapter 2?

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