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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does the cook sell Sham?
(a) At the Thieves' Kitchen.
(b) Behind the royal stables.
(c) In the market square.
(d) At the docks.

2. What does Bishop Fleury advise the King to do with the Moroccan horses?
(a) Assign them to transport goods for the army.
(b) Sell them to the King of Spain.
(c) Assign them to transport goods for the army.
(d) Send them to the circus.

3. Why is Agba afraid to appear before the Sultan?
(a) He cannot find the mare.
(b) The Sultan might have sold him.
(c) He knows he is guilty.
(d) He is afraid he will die.

4. What do the stable boys do aboard the ship bound for France?
(a) Man the heavy sails on stormy seas.
(b) Sit below the deck.
(c) Pray for their horses.
(d) Tend their horses.

5. Why doesn't Agba eat with the other stable boys?
(a) Agba has given his ration to the mare.
(b) They do not like Agba.
(c) He tends to his mare's needs before his own.
(d) Agba does not like the other stable boys.

6. Why does the cook sell Sham?
(a) The king orders the sale.
(b) The cook has too many debts.
(c) Sham is too disobedient.
(d) To punish Agba.

7. What does Signor Achmet instruct Agba to do when the mare begins her labor?
(a) Call him.
(b) Stay out of the stall.
(c) Fetch a bucket of water.
(d) Fetch fresh hay.

8. In Chapter 3, what does Agba see when he awakens?
(a) The mare and her new foal.
(b) The new moon.
(c) Stars.
(d) Signor Achmet.

9. Why do the palace guards allow Agba to pass the gate?
(a) He bribes them.
(b) Because he is the first slave boy of Signor Achmet.
(c) They do not see him.
(d) Because he has a letter from Signor Achmet.

10. Why doesn't the mare eat the corn Agba brings her in Chapter 2?
(a) The corn is spoiled.
(b) She is a picky eater.
(c) She is too tired.
(d) Another horse steals the corn.

11. When does the foal begin to nurse from the mare?
(a) After a few failed attempts to stand.
(b) The next morning.
(c) He never nurses from his mother.
(d) Almost immediately.

12. Who owns the horses that Agba tends?
(a) Signor Achmet.
(b) Mr. Barton.
(c) Mr. Riddle.
(d) The Sultan.

13. What is Man 'o War's nickname?
(a) Big Red.
(b) Sir Riddle.
(c) Sham.
(d) Sir Barton.

14. How does the Sultan test a new saber?
(a) By cutting off the heads of a thousand people.
(b) By cutting off the heads of a thousand animals.
(c) By cutting off a thousand branches.
(d) By cutting off the head of a stable boy.

15. Which horse wins the race in the Prologue?
(a) Man o' War.
(b) Sir Barton.
(c) The race is a tie.
(d) Sham.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the two signs on the foal signify?

2. Why does the Sultan want Signor Achmet to select six horses and six horse boys?

3. What does Agba think the Sultan looks like?

4. What does the Sultan give each horse?

5. Why doesn't Man 'o War's owner want him to race at Newmarket?

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