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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What has the captain of the ship put inside the horses' feed sacks?
(a) Leaves.
(b) Corn.
(c) Oats.
(d) Straw.

2. What must Agba do before he can approach the Sultan?
(a) Shave his head and bathe.
(b) Pray and present an offering.
(c) Clean Sham's stall.
(d) Locate the mare.

3. In Chapter 1, why does no one at the palace eat during the day?
(a) They are fasting because it is Ramadan.
(b) They are in mourning.
(c) The Sultan does not give his slaves much food.
(d) They are busy preparing for the Sultan's arrival.

4. Why do the palace guards allow Agba to pass the gate?
(a) Because he is the first slave boy of Signor Achmet.
(b) Because he has a letter from Signor Achmet.
(c) He bribes them.
(d) They do not see him.

5. Why doesn't the mare eat the corn Agba brings her in Chapter 2?
(a) Another horse steals the corn.
(b) She is a picky eater.
(c) The corn is spoiled.
(d) She is too tired.

6. Why is Agba worried about the mare he tends?
(a) She is pregnant and not feeling well.
(b) She will soon be sent to France.
(c) She has a lame leg.
(d) Bad omens bode ill for the mare's foal.

7. Why does the cook sell Sham?
(a) The cook has too many debts.
(b) Sham is too disobedient.
(c) The king orders the sale.
(d) To punish Agba.

8. Who tells Agba that the mare is made of wind?
(a) An old man.
(b) An old woman.
(c) Signor Achmet.
(d) The Sultan.

9. Why do Man 'o War's fans want him to race at Newmarket?
(a) Because his rival will also race there.
(b) Because he lost the race at Kenilworth Park.
(c) Because the purse is worth a million pounds.
(d) Because he was excluded from the British Stud Book.

10. Where does Agba fall asleep at the end of Chapter 2?
(a) In his cot.
(b) In the straw.
(c) On a table.
(d) Outside the stables.

11. What does Signor Achmet announce in Chapter 8?
(a) Sham will be going to England.
(b) Agba has been sold.
(c) Sham will be going to France.
(d) Sham has been sold.

12. What is the significance of the mark Agba discovers on the new foal?
(a) The foal will be swift.
(b) The foal will be unlucky.
(c) The foal will be strong.
(d) The foal will be a good jumper.

13. In Chapter 11, what does Signor Achmet give Agba before he leaves?
(a) Sham's bag.
(b) An embrace.
(c) A handshake.
(d) A letter for the King of Morocco.

14. What is the meaning of the Arabic name Sham?
(a) Moon.
(b) Wind.
(c) Swift.
(d) Sun.

15. What does the wheat ear signify?
(a) It wards off evil.
(b) Good luck for the foal and the stables.
(c) Health and strength.
(d) Evil and ill luck for the foal.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the wild boar behind the stables do in Chapter 3?

2. What does the camel driver give Agba?

3. Who owns the horses that Agba tends?

4. What does the Sultan ask Agba?

5. What information does the scribe include in the Sultan's letter?

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