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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Signor Achmet instruct Agba to do when the mare begins her labor?
(a) Fetch a bucket of water.
(b) Stay out of the stall.
(c) Fetch fresh hay.
(d) Call him.

2. What prophecy does Signor Achmet make in Chapter 5?
(a) The foal will live.
(b) The foal will become a champion racehorse.
(c) The new moon will bring them all good luck.
(d) The foal will bless the stables.

3. How does the Sultan test a new saber?
(a) By cutting off the heads of a thousand people.
(b) By cutting off the head of a stable boy.
(c) By cutting off the heads of a thousand animals.
(d) By cutting off a thousand branches.

4. Why is the mare described as being like the wind?
(a) She is fast.
(b) The wind cannot be tamed.
(c) She is beautiful.
(d) The wind is fierce.

5. What does Signor Achmet announce in Chapter 8?
(a) Sham has been sold.
(b) Sham will be going to France.
(c) Agba has been sold.
(d) Sham will be going to England.

6. What does Man 'o War's owner want to do with the horse?
(a) Sell him.
(b) Retire him.
(c) Destroy him.
(d) Allow him to run one more race.

7. What is the meaning of the Arabic name Sham?
(a) Sun.
(b) Moon.
(c) Wind.
(d) Swift.

8. What command does Signor Achmet give Agba in Chapter 1?
(a) Spend less time with the mare.
(b) Eat with the rest of the stable boys.
(c) Go before the Sultan.
(d) Stay with the mare until she begins her labor.

9. What animal does the mare once outrun?
(a) A camel.
(b) A gazelle.
(c) A cheetah.
(d) A leopard.

10. What natural skill does Sham possess?
(a) He knows what Sham is thinking.
(b) He can outrun all the other horses.
(c) He can jump higher than all the other horses.
(d) He can escape any stall.

11. What does the wheat ear signify?
(a) It wards off evil.
(b) Health and strength.
(c) Evil and ill luck for the foal.
(d) Good luck for the foal and the stables.

12. In Chapter 2, how does Agba prepare a bed for the mare?
(a) He sweeps the floor clean and lays down a fresh blanket.
(b) He piles straw and leaves on the floor of the stable.
(c) He pours buckets of sand on the floor and covers the sand with hay.
(d) He places an old blanket over a generous pile of hay.

13. What does Agba see the mare doing when he wakes in Chapter 3?
(a) Eating corn.
(b) Drying her newborn foal.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Giving birth.

14. What does Agba pray for in Chapter 5?
(a) A new master.
(b) The mare.
(c) Sham's well-being.
(d) Rain.

15. Who tells Agba that the mare is made of wind?
(a) An old woman.
(b) An old man.
(c) Signor Achmet.
(d) The Sultan.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the mark that Agba discovers located on the new foal?

2. Why doesn't Man 'o War's owner want him to race at Newmarket?

3. What is the wheat ear?

4. What does Agba think the Sultan looks like?

5. Where does the cook sell Sham?

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