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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Sultan ask Agba?
(a) The mare's location.
(b) To kneel.
(c) Sham's location.
(d) His name.

2. Where does the cook sell Sham?
(a) Behind the royal stables.
(b) At the docks.
(c) In the market square.
(d) At the Thieves' Kitchen.

3. Why doesn't Agba immediately tell anyone about the foal's birth?
(a) He is afriad the foal is dying.
(b) The foal is only one of a thousand born that year.
(c) He is too tired to get up.
(d) He enjoys watching the new foal and his favorite mare.

4. What is the significance of the mark Agba discovers on the new foal?
(a) The foal will be swift.
(b) The foal will be a good jumper.
(c) The foal will be strong.
(d) The foal will be unlucky.

5. Why doesn't Agba eat with the other stable boys?
(a) He tends to his mare's needs before his own.
(b) They do not like Agba.
(c) Agba does not like the other stable boys.
(d) Agba has given his ration to the mare.

6. What is Sham fitted for in Chapter 8?
(a) A new saddle.
(b) A new blanket.
(c) A new bridle.
(d) Horseshoes.

7. Which country does Sir Barton represent?
(a) America.
(b) England.
(c) Canada.
(d) Morocco.

8. Where are the horses racing in the Prologue?
(a) Gog Magogg.
(b) Kenilworth Park.
(c) Newmarket.
(d) Heathrow.

9. What special treatment does Agba show the mare?
(a) He talks to her gently.
(b) He spends more time currying her than his other horses.
(c) He sneaks her treats during the day.
(d) He gives her spring water from a bucket.

10. How do the other colts in the stables treat Sham?
(a) They bite him.
(b) They reject him.
(c) They follow his lead.
(d) They steal his portion of corn.

11. Why does the camel driver help Agba?
(a) Because he likes Agba.
(b) Agba promises to pay.
(c) To gain favor from the Sultan.
(d) He loves horses.

12. Why does Signor Achmet scold Agba in Chapter 2?
(a) Agba has used too much sand and hay in the mare's bed.
(b) Agba is too slow in performing his tasks.
(c) Agba is spending too much time with the mare again.
(d) Agba did not have permission to use a new blanket.

13. In Chapter 8, what does Agba pack for his journey?
(a) Extra blankets.
(b) A camel hair rub-rag and a leather water pouch.
(c) A knife and his amulets.
(d) A cloak and a flask of wine.

14. What is desirable about Sham's neck?
(a) His good luck mark can be seen when he is running.
(b) It arches well.
(c) It is short and stocky, indicating strength.
(d) It is long and stretches nicely when he is running.

15. What advice does Man 'o War's trainer give the jockey?
(a) Keep control of him.
(b) Hold those reins tight.
(c) Don't let him slow down.
(d) Let him run his own race.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Signor Achmet react to the boar's squeal in Chapter 4?

2. What does Signor Achmet announce in Chapter 8?

3. In Chapter 1, why does no one at the palace eat during the day?

4. What must Agba do before he can approach the Sultan?

5. Who is Agba supposed to alert about the foal's birth?

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