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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why doesn't Agba speak to the Sultan?
(a) He is petrified with fear.
(b) He was told to remain silent.
(c) He is crying too hard to speak.
(d) He is mute.

2. Why doesn't Man 'o War's owner want him to race at Newmarket?
(a) Because Man 'o War does not need to prove his pedigree.
(b) The journey to England would be too much for the horse.
(c) Because Man 'o War is too old to race again.
(d) The expense of the Newmarket race would outweigh any gain.

3. How many horses does the Sultan own?
(a) Twenty Thousand.
(b) Twelve hundred.
(c) Two hundred.
(d) Twelve thousand.

4. Why is Agba afraid to appear before the Sultan?
(a) He cannot find the mare.
(b) He knows he is guilty.
(c) The Sultan might have sold him.
(d) He is afraid he will die.

5. Who leads the procession to the city limits in Chapter 9?
(a) Sham.
(b) The Sultan.
(c) Agba.
(d) Signor Achmet.

6. What does Agba feed the foal in Chapter 5?
(a) Camel's milk and honey.
(b) Goat's milk and honey.
(c) Water and new grain.
(d) Boiled oats.

7. What does the Sultan ask Agba?
(a) Sham's location.
(b) His name.
(c) To kneel.
(d) The mare's location.

8. What unusual command does the Sultan give in Chapter 1?
(a) Most of his horses will be sold.
(b) Most of his horses will be sacrificed.
(c) The slaves must now grow their own food.
(d) The horses must also fast for Ramadan.

9. Which horse is Man o' War racing?
(a) Big Red.
(b) Sham.
(c) Sir Barton.
(d) Sir Riddle.

10. Why doesn't Signor Achmet think the mare's milk will be of use to the foal?
(a) The foal will be sent to another stable the next day.
(b) He believes that sweetened camel's milk is better.
(c) The mare is weak and will die soon.
(d) The foal is too weak to nurse.

11. Where is the mark that Agba discovers located on the new foal?
(a) On the foal's forehead.
(b) On the foal's flank.
(c) On the foal's heel.
(d) On the foal's neck.

12. In Chapter 8, what does Agba pack for his journey?
(a) A camel hair rub-rag and a leather water pouch.
(b) A knife and his amulets.
(c) Extra blankets.
(d) A cloak and a flask of wine.

13. What has the captain of the ship put inside the horses' feed sacks?
(a) Oats.
(b) Leaves.
(c) Corn.
(d) Straw.

14. Why is the Sultan pleased with Agba's silence?
(a) He knows Agba cannot tell any tales or palace secrets.
(b) It demonstrates that Agba will be obedient.
(c) It demonstrates that Agba is respectful.
(d) He knows he can control Agba.

15. Which country does Sir Barton represent?
(a) Canada.
(b) America.
(c) Morocco.
(d) England.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is the wild boar kept behind the Sultan's stables?

2. Why does the cook sell Sham?

3. What do the horses and their stable boys look like to the Duke when they arrive in France?

4. What country does Agba live in?

5. What is written on the papers the Sultan includes in the horse's gifts?

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