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Thieves' Kitchen - This place is a big open shed where horses are sold, often illicitly.

The Sultan's Stables - Sham was born in this place.

The White Spot on Sham's Heel - This mark is an emblem of speed.

Wheat Ear on Sham's Chest - This mark is an emblem of misfortune and bad luck.

The Bag with Sham's Pedigree - This item contains information on Sham's pedigree as well as amulets for protection.

Wicken Fen - This area is a dismal swamp land.

New Gate Jail - Agba's stay in this place is made more tolerable by the presence of his cat.

Red Lion Inn - Agba and Sham stay in this place while Sham is expected to provide travelers with transportation.

Gog Magog - The beautiful green hills of this area are the last home for Sham.

Newmarket - Horse races take place in...

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