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Racing Investment

Is Mr. Riddle's decision to retire Big Red an emotional decision or a wise business investment? Research the average cost of a racehorse. Compare how much money a horse could win from a single race at Newmarket to the combined value of his descendants, if even only 10 of them were valuable racehorses.


What is the reason for fasting during the month of Ramadan? Research the significance of fasting during the holiday and write a copy of the Sultan's order, explaining his reasons for making everyone, even the horses, fast during the holiday.

Signs and Superstitions

The novel is filled with signs and superstitions that influence many of the Moroccan character's decisions. Make a list of all the signs, superstitions, and prophecies that you see in the novel. Mark those which proved to be true with a check mark.


The old man in Chapter 2 tells...

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