King of the Wind Character Descriptions

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Agba - This character is a slave who works in the stables.

Sham - This character was born with two birthmarks that mark a life destined to be filled with trials as well as successes.

The Sultan of Morocco - This character is a mean and unreasonable ruler.

Signor Achmet - This character is highly superstitious, but no charm could prevent this character from shamefully losing a prestigious position in the palace.

Jethro Coke - This character is a kindly retired merchant who owns land on the outskirts of London.

Mr. Williams - This character is the owner of the Red Lion Inn.

Mrs. Williams - This character lies about a theft.

Brute man - This character is a cruel owner and threatens to burn his horse.

Earl of Godolphin - This kind character is fond of doing random good deeds and has the power and money...

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