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• Big Red, also known as Man 'o War, prepares to race against Triple Crown champion Sir Barton.

• Big Red's trainer reminds the jockey to let the horse run his own race.

• Big Red wins the race.
• Friends urge Mr. Riddle, Big Red's owner, to send the horse to England to run in the famous Newmarket races.

• The reader discovers that Big Red was excluded from the British Stud Book because he is not a thoroughbred.

• Much to everyone's disappointment, Mr. Riddle announces Big Red's retirement.

• Mr. Riddle explains his decision to retire Big Red by telling the story of the Godolphin Arabian.

Chapter 1

• In Morocco, a stable boy named Agba cares for an expectant mare in the Sultan's stables.

• The Sultan has declared that his horses will also fast for Ramadan, and Agba is concerned for the mare's health.

• After sunset, the other stable boys break their...

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