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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Nat at the Fisher's home?
(a) The whole Company of Boys.
(b) Just Rachel.
(c) Gil and Rachel.
(d) Just Arby.

2. What does Shakespeare say to keep a secret from the teachers at St. Paul's?
(a) Nat's ten shillings.
(b) That Nat declined an offer from the Queen.
(c) That Nat's father is dead.
(d) That Nat knows Shakespeare.

3. What fascinates everyone in the acting company?
(a) Nat saving Roper's life.
(b) How Nat can suggest the right things to do for someone's illness.
(c) Nat's acrobatic moves.
(d) Some of Nat's vocabulary.

4. What does the audience yell at Nat as he is playing Puck?
(a) Warlock.
(b) Witch.
(c) Go home.
(d) A warning about a mistake Puck is about to make.

5. What particularly disgusts Nat about the Queen?
(a) Her enjoyment of obvious flattery.
(b) Her mean remarks.
(c) Her body odor.
(d) Her rotten teeth.

6. What does Nat hope will happen as he returns to St. Paul's?
(a) Something mysterious will happen.
(b) No one will realize Nat is not Nat Field.
(c) He will be recognized as a talented actor.
(d) He will not be allowed to return to St. Paul's.

7. What kind of mood is Arby in when Nat arrives?
(a) Depressed.
(b) Jocular.
(c) Irritable.
(d) Mean.

8. What does Gil want to do after hearing Nat's story?
(a) Look in the history books to learn about the earlier Nat.
(b) Tell someone in the scientific community to try to get an explanation.
(c) Get Nat some counseling.
(d) Have Nat write down the sonnet Shakespeare wrote for Nat.

9. What does the flag flying over the Globe indicate?
(a) There will be a performance that afternoon.
(b) It is flown to show the Globe's loyalty to the Queen.
(c) The flag indicates that the Duke of York is in attendance at the performance.
(d) The flag indicates that the theater is closed.

10. What does Rachel notice as she hugs Nat?
(a) An old gold coin on the table with Queen Elizabeth I's picture on it.
(b) He is much thinner.
(c) A green leaf painted on Nat's neck.
(d) A poem sticking out of Nat's pocket.

11. Who escorts Nat and Shakespeare home?
(a) The theater manager.
(b) Harry's older brother.
(c) Roper's older brother.
(d) A hired bodyguard.

12. Where does Jennifer come from to go to Guy's hospital?
(a) South Carolina.
(b) Alabama.
(c) Georgia.
(d) New Orleans.

13. What was needed for someone to travel back to Shakespeare's time?
(a) A boy who resembles the earlier Nat Field.
(b) A conjunction of the planets.
(c) Strong personal suffering.
(d) A magical box.

14. What does Shakespeare read to Nat?
(a) A letter to his son Shakespeare wrote just before the son dies.
(b) A sonnet.
(c) A letter from the Queen.
(d) Part of his new play called Hamlet.

15. Where is Nat in the dream he has?
(a) He is with his mother before she died.
(b) He is a child playing with his father.
(c) He is in the tower with Burbage.
(d) He is back in Tudor England.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what acting group did the earlier Nat Field join?

2. How does Shakespeare calm Nat?

3. With what does Burbage paint Nat's body?

4. Why does a day laborer flash a sign to ward evil at Nat?

5. About what does Shakespeare congratulate Nat?

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