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Adam Hochschild
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Sheppard's native Congo name mean?
(a) The scary black man.
(b) The black white man.
(c) The black Englishman.
(d) The black helpful man.

2. In 1903, who passed a resolution protesting atrocities in Congo?
(a) Belgian Parliament.
(b) U.S. Senate.
(c) German Council.
(d) British Parliament.

3. What profession did Henry I. Kowalsky practice?
(a) Lawyer.
(b) Doctor.
(c) Publisher.
(d) Editor.

4. When the Casement Report was made public, who did Casement join with to demand action?
(a) Morel.
(b) The Belgian public.
(c) The British Government.
(d) Senator McKenna.

5. What did Leopold issue before the Commission of Inquiry report was published?
(a) A supporting statement.
(b) An editorial.
(c) A denial.
(d) A summary.

6. What was the relationship between the summary of the report Leopold had published and the official Commission of Inquiry report?
(a) There was little resemblance between the two.
(b) There was some similarity between the two on important points.
(c) The two were similar, but not identical.
(d) The two were identical.

7. What was Sheppard's name among the natives in the Congo?
(a) Mundele Mnom.
(b) Mundele Mtom.
(c) Mundele Nrom.
(d) Mundele Ndom.

8. How many official depositions did the Commission of Inquiry members take?
(a) 270.
(b) 370.
(c) 470.
(d) 570.

9. What did Sheppard write many letters to international contacts complaining about?
(a) The conditions for white men in the Congo.
(b) The need for more missionaries in the Congo.
(c) The lack of money in the Congo.
(d) The abuses in the Congo.

10. Who is Dorothy Tennant?
(a) Stanley's wife.
(b) Stanley's daughter.
(c) Stanley's mother.
(d) Stanley's mistress.

11. Where did Casement travel, after Congo, to document abuses against the natives?
(a) Colombia.
(b) Brazil.
(c) Argentina.
(d) Peru.

12. How were the roads and railroads in Congo completed and improved?
(a) Missionary money.
(b) Leopold's investment.
(c) Foreign investment.
(d) Slave labor.

13. What punishment would men who failed to meet their quota of vines undergo?
(a) A hand was severed.
(b) An arm was severed.
(c) A leg was severed.
(d) A foot was severed.

14. Leopold put on a lavish display about Congo at the World's Fair and suggest it was what?
(a) A paradise.
(b) A sad and poor country.
(c) A poor place, being helped by Leopold.
(d) A place of sin, needing missionaries.

15. What job did E.D. Morel work at with Elder Dempster?
(a) Ship captain.
(b) Dock hand.
(c) Freight manager.
(d) Clerk.

Short Answer Questions

1. What place in the Congo was Sheppard the first non-native to travel to?

2. What percentage was the population of Congo reduced by as cited by the author during the period covered in Chapter 15?

3. When was the World's Fair held in Brussels?

4. Leopold became wealthy off the resources in the Congo and built multiple what?

5. Who unsuccessfully bribed Morel to stop his work on the Congo?

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